2D1N Chilling at Selangor's Quaint Town

Selangor, Malaysia

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Qing Yong
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Relax and chill in the traditional town of Kuala Kubu Bharu, where you can enjoy a trip to wilderness, natural richness and unique Hainanese cuisine.

Kuala Kubu Bharu is a beautiful town that means "tributary of fortress" in English. The British had taken over the town and its mining business in the 19th century, hence there are still historical British buildings that remain untouched to this day.

Through the building's design, it can be seen that majority of the businesses were run by Chinese occupants, with Chinese characters carved onto the signboards. The touch of street art by a group of talented artists also gave life and colour to the once-neglected back streets of the town. Each artwork holds its own meaning and is extremely treasured by the locals.

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Day 1

10:00 AM

Meet up at Ilmio Cafe.


Ilmio Cafe displays many antiques and collectibles from the past, giving it a vintage vibe. You can have a quick bite at the Cafe as they have many types of delicacies for you to try for a reasonable price. They also sell handmade fragrant soap bars and purses.

11:00 AM

Check into homestay


This cozy and vintage homestay makes you feel as though you have traveled through time.

All toilets and bathrooms are shared with other tenants. There is a fridge and TV in the living hall for your convenience.

You have the option of searching for your own accommodation in Kubu Bahru. Hence, the price for accommodation is separately calculated in the add-on selection.

12:00 PM

Have a delightful Hainanese lunch


Known for its traditional Hainanese food, Kuala Kubu Bharu's long-standing Hainanese restaurant has many different types of local delicacies that can only be found in the town. Be sure to try them all, as the prices are all very reasonable.

01:30 PM

Water splashing fun at Pertak Waterfall


On the way to the waterfall, you will pass by the Aboriginal Pertak Village. The waterfall has a very strong current and cooling water. Swimming in the waterfall will definitely help you to relax and destress. If you are with a group of friends, you can also have a BBQ cookout (equipment not provided).

05:00 PM

Get back to homestay, freshen up and take a rest


After an exciting trip to the waterfall, you may go back to the homestay to take a relaxing shower and have a good rest before filling your stomachs again.

07:30 PM

Have a satisfying seafood dinner


Have fresh seafood as your main course in an air-conditioned venue.

08:00 PM

Preorder cakes and kaya puffs


Head to a popular bakery to sample some of their bestsellers, such as their kaya puffs and sponge cakes. Their mouthwatering pastries sell out quickly so it is advisable to preorder.

08:30 PM

Relax and soothe your muscles at the all-natural hot springs


The hot springs are naturally heated by underground heat and is really warm. It is recommended to go during the night as there are fewer people at that time. Along with the chilly night breeze, you would feel extremely calm as you soak in the hot springs.

There aren't any lights in that area so you would have to be careful, especially if you are with children.

10:00 PM

Free and easy


After such an eventful day, it is time to rest your weary body. However, there are 24-hour food stalls nearby at a walking distance if you are still hungry.

Day 2

09:00 AM

Have a tasty local breakfast


Enjoy a local breakfast from a large variety of food stalls and menu choices. However, certain dishes are only available on certain days.

10:00 AM

Pick up your pastries


In the morning, the bakery would be filled with the aroma of freshly baked goodies. It will definitely be crowded and packed by then, so you'll be glad that you've preordered them beforehand!

11:00 AM

Check out and move all your belongings back into the car


Remember to take some memorable pictures in the homestay and be sure to not leave anything behind!

12:00 PM

Have a local lunch


Be introduced to more delicacies from Kuala Kubu Bharu, such as porridge, curry noodles, fried rice, yam cake and red bean soup. Have a bite of each and everyone of them!

01:00 PM

Take pictures with the cultural street art and historical buildings


There are a lot of unique and one-of-a-kind street art around that area so do remember to bring your camera along to take memorable pictures! The historical buildings there are all well-preserved, such as the British colonial compass at the top of the buildings and the rows of shop lots.

02:00 PM

Have a small picnic at the water dam


Bring along snacks such as the cakes that you have bought at the bakery. Visit the biggest dam in Selangor and take in the picturesque view. There is a hut for you to rest and chitchat while snacking. Don't forget to take pictures as well!

03:30 PM

Visit the temple


There are two temples for you to choose from. You can discuss with the local expert on which one you prefer to visit. Both temples are breathtaking and beautiful in their own way.

04:00 PM

Say goodbye to Kuala Kubu Bahru



Outfit Recommendations

Comfortable clothes that are suitable for water activities and long walks. Do remember to bring extra clothing as you will get wet!

Safety notices

The trails at the waterfall might get a little slippery, especially during or after the rain. Do be careful and watch your step!

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Il Mio Cafe Jalan Dato Muda Jaafar Pekan Kuala Kubu Bharu Kuala Kubu Bharu Selangor Malaysia

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