A look into Batang Kali

Selangor, Malaysia

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Join us on a day trip to Batang Kali town to discover its local trades and produce, from guavas to orchids, loh mee and biscuits.

Located in the Hulu Selangor district of Selangor, Batang Kali town is rich with untold stories, tradition and practices to be discovered. It offers visitors a tranquil, laid-back getaway amidst cultural resources ranging from natural beauty to its colorful ethic population.

Visit the guava farm to see and taste these sweet and juicy fruits, as well as the 2nd largest collection of orchids in Malaysia. Bring home a unique skill by learning to make loh mee, its popular noodle dish. You get to enjoy it for dinner! Towards the evening, see how “Mua Lao” (sesame crackers) biscuits are made. Then watch a sunset framed by traditional houses, rubber plantation and oil palm plantations.

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11:00 AM

Meet at Batang Kali Komuter station.

11:15 AM

Learn to make "Loh Mee" from scratch.


"Loh Mee" is a Hokkien dish consisting of yellow noodles in a thick, filling gravy. Why not bring back a skill by learning to make this noodle from scratch? You even get to savour your very own "Loh Mee" for dinner later in the day.

Learn to make Loh Mee

12:00 PM

Lunch in locally well known restaurant.


01:00 PM

Visit and eat locally grown and organic guavas at the Guava fruit farm.


The guavas at Batang Kali are sweet, succulent and larger than the average guavas you see.

Guavas as large as your hand

02:00 PM

Visit Thai temple


03:00 PM

Visit the only and largest Phalaenopsis orchid specialized grower in Malaysia.


Orchid plantation

03:45 PM

Visit the Hot Spring


Soak in the Hot Spring, which is said to be good for treating skin ailments and rheumatism. You can also eat some tantalizing local handmade kuih.

05:00 PM

Visit “Mua Lao” (sesame crackers) biscuits making, walk around the village and enjoy the sunset.


In Hokkien culture, "Mua Lao" is a gift typically given out for new marriages. The process of making these biscuits takes about 7 days as it involves steaming and sunbathing the glutinous rice.

You will visit a factory that insists on making "Mua Lao" the traditional way - by baking the biscuits using firewood.

Sesame crackers making

06:30 PM

Bye - sayonara


A serene village

Outfit Recommendations

Casual t-shirts, sun cap, any shoe will do – whatever you find comfortable.

Poor weather plan

Bring an umbrella or raincoat. In case of rain, we still have a mixture of activities to keep the vibe going.

Where we will meet

Batang Kali Komuter station

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  • Zhi X.
    Reviewed in June 2018

    It is good and unforgettable experience! Eng Seng is very passionate and knowledgeable about Batang Kali!

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