History of Bukit Cina & the stories of the Nanyang Chinese

Malacca, Malaysia

4 hours
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Teck Seng
I speak Mandarin

Take a walk through Bukit Cina, the largest and oldest traditional Chinese cemetery outside China, to uncover Malacca's Chinese legends and history.

Bukit Cina, or "Chinese Hill", is a historical hill in Malacca, Malaysia. Largely unknown until just over 30 years ago, it is home to graves that date as far back as the Ming Dynasty, when Princess Hang Li Po was sent to marry the Sultan of Malacca.

On this tour, you will find out about Admiral Zheng He's voyages, the mysterious legend of Princess Hang Li Po, how the Chinese fought the anti-Japanese war and the stories about a great man in Malaysia's Chinese education - Sim Mow Yu.

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08:00 AM

Meet at Sam Po Keng Temple, Malacca.


Sam Po Keng Temple
Sam Po Keng Temple

08:15 AM

Visit Bukit Cina.


Bukit Cina
Bukit Cina
Bukit Cina
Bukit Cina

10:00 AM

Visit Poh San Teng Temple & Anti-Japan Monument.


Anti-Japan Monument

10:30 AM

Visit Sim Mow Yu's Calligraphy Museum.


Sim Mow Yu's Calligraphy Museum
Sim Mow Yu's Calligraphy Museum

12:00 PM

End of Tour.

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Sam Po Keng Temple, Malacca

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