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Bentong Food & Durian Adventure

16 September, 2017
9 hours
1 - 7 travelers
Booking notice
3 days
Standard price
MYR 176.00/Pax
Gilbert I speak Malay, Mandarin
Durian season is finally here! On Malaysia Day, head to Bentong for an all-out food crawl with our Local Expert who will bring you to the most popular food destinations in town, followed by an exclusive visit to a durian orchard, where you'll get to crack open the King of Fruits and enjoy it right there and then!

Wander around the streets and hunt for delicious local favorites like chee cheong fun, wantan mee, Guang Xi's 3 Signature Dishes, tau fu pok, and homemade ice cream! The highlight of this tour will be an exciting truck ride into a durian orchard, where you can find out how this famous fruit is harvested. Sniff out the King of Fruits in all its varieties until you've found the right one — you'll only be paying for the durians you'd want to eat (see travel notes for estimated prices).


  • Day 1
  • 08:00 AM Meet up at KL Sentral Station (pickup & drop-off zone)
  • 09:00 AM Arrive in Bentong and have breakfast like a local
    A perfect start to the food crawl would be tasting the two popular breakfast dishes in town: the Wantan Mee and Chee Cheong Fun.

    Wantan Mee consists of thin, dry noodles served with dark soy broth, sweet, barbecued pork, and dumplings. Chee Cheong Fun is a thin rice noodle roll sometimes eaten with light soy sauce or a special sweet sauce, along with some side dishes. This is usually taken as a dim sum (a bite-sized portion of food) or main meal.
    - Enjoy a bowl of Bentong's famous chee cheong fun, a local favorite for breakfast
  • 10:00 AM Visit Bentong's local tofu factory.
    Take a peek into how Bentong produces one of its signature snacks, the tau fu pok.
  • 12:00 PM Have Bentong's Guang Xi 3 Signature Dishes for lunch
    Bentong is largely populated by the GuangXi Chinese community, and this influence shows in the local food. The Steamed Ginger Chicken, Meat Stuffed Tofu and Meat Stuffed Pork with Yam form the holy trinity of GuangXi cuisine – light, not too spicy, and simmered in a tasty gravy. Enjoy the mild, aromatic, and distinctive flavor of Guang Xi-style cuisine, Bentong's finest local delicacies.
    - Feast your senses with the signature dishes of Guang Xi cuisine in Bentong
    - Feast your senses with the signature dishes of Guang Xi cuisine in Bentong
    - Feast your senses with the signature dishes of Guang Xi cuisine in Bentong
  • 01:30 PM The "Jurassic Park" truck ride up to the durian orchard
    Take a fun and exciting truck ride up the steep hill and down the bumpy roads. This is where you can learn how durian is harvested. Then, it's time to crack some open! You'll have a variety of durians to choose from, such as the D24, the XO, and of course the infamous Musang King!
    - Pick the right King of Fruits for you at the local durian orchard
    - Pick the right King of Fruits for you at the local durian orchard
    - Go on a local adventure to a durian orchard in Bentong
    - Pick the right durian for you and your friends at the durian orchard, and enjoy it right there and then!
  • 03:30 PM Head back to town for a last round of snacks & desserts
    Escape from the sun and chill with Bentong's famous handmade ice cream, which blends the best of local Malaysian flavours and Bentong's fresh ingredients. Then, try the freshest, biggest tofu puff you have ever seen! Bentong is known for having delicious tofu puffs, most of them made by family businesses who have passed down the recipe for generations.

    - Enjoy tau fu bok, a local delicacy favored in Bentong
    - Enjoy tau fu bok, a local delicacy favored in Bentong
    - Wander around town and taste delicious Bentong local favorites along the way
  • 05:00 PM Depart from Bentong back to KL
Local Living , Hands-on Fun , Food Hunter , Cultural Heritage
Transportation during tour
Extra conditions
Flexible plan , Children friendly , Seasonal activity


  • Travel notes
    Please bring enough money with you for the snacks and the durians that you'd like to try during the tour. The estimated price for the durian are as follows, please adjust your budget for the durian accordingly:

    – D24: RM30/kg
    – XO: RM35/kg
    – Musang King: RM75/kg
  • Poor weather plan
    Bring an umbrella or sturdy rainwear, in case of poor weather forecast. We will continue with the tour if it's not raining too heavily.
  • Outfit Recommendations
    Casual t-shirts, sun cap, any sort of shoes will do – whatever you find comfortable. In case of poor weather forecast, a pair of flip-flops or waterproof shoes would be more suitable.
7 Reviews
September 2017
As an expat, this was a great tour to get to know more about different types of food around Malaysia — more specifically Bentong! The Durian orchards was lot of fun as was tasting durian for the first time :) Also a great way to meet people from all walks of life. Overall, it was a great tour and LokaLocal were really helpful during the booking process, as I signed up late. I guess it would just have been good to have more of a clearer explanation about the different foods Bentong is known for — particularly the breakfast meal. Thanks for lots of fun!
September 2017
This is my first food trip with LokaLocal and I absolutely enjoyed from the start until the end of the trip. The food was delicious, and the ride up to durian orchard will be an unforgettable experience, I love it! I would recommend anyone to try this tour if they’re ever planning to go for food hunting in Bentong.
September 2017
A very enjoyable first experience. Gilbert was an excellent and friendly guide. All who took part in the tour were very friendly. The highlight was of course was the visit to Mr. Wong’s durian farm orchard.
September 2017
For me, the highlight was going up the mountain on the 4WD for durian. The view, the experience, the company was excellent! This experience will remain in my memory.
September 2017
The car ride was comfortable and the food was good, especially the tofu filling.
September 2017
Gilbert is such a lovely guide and knows everything about Bentong. He brought us to the places locals love to go for food. Going into the durian orchard was the fun part, as it’s not something most people get to do. The hospitality of the people we met, and the food of course, have made my first trip here to Bentong an unforgettable one.
September 2017
Love the Bentong tour. Eat non-stop in the tour.
The wantan noodle is nice and big portion! We experience the Bentong town no water supply! And we have to tapao the noodle and eat.. really unforgeable.
Gilbert is cool and he bring us to coolest durian farm. We have to walk to the top of the mountain to taste the durian. We had our D24 and of cause Musangking durian. Yummy.
Will back for the durian and ice cream ~
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MYR 176.00/Pax
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