3D2N Climbing Mount Nungkok

Sabah, Malaysia

3 Day(s)
2 - 15 travelers
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7 days
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RM 588.00

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Rise to the challenge at Mount Nungkok, a mountain of 1652m near the foothills of Mount Kinabalu, tucked close to Kota Belud. It is also known as the child of Kinabalu. There is a great view at the peak, giving you a new perspective of Mount Kinabalu.

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Day 1

Hiking to Waterfalls & Camp overnight in the jungle (Diou Base Camp)

Day 2

Hike to Kinotoki Base Camp & Camp overnight

Day 3

Climb to Mount Nungkok Summit

We will reach Mount Nungkok early, then descend and arrive at GNH by early noon. You will be given lunch and a certificate, before the tour ends.

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Hiking outfit & camping equipment

Where we will meet

Guas Nabalu Homestay Kota Belud, Sabah Malaysia

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RM 588.00 /Pax
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How to get there

90 minutes drive from Kota Kinabalu. Turn left at Kiau Junction (after Pekan Nabalu but before National Park). Alternatively, just key in "Guas Nabalu Homestay" in your Google Maps and it will lead you straight at the starting point.