2D1N Taman Negara Inner Jungle Experience

Pahang, Malaysia

2 Day(s)
2 - 50 travelers
Booking notice
5 days
Standard price
RM 278.40

I speak English

1) Canopy Walk - It traverses 45 meters high and a 510 meters long walkway and is the longest canopy walk in the world. You can view the rich and diverse flora and fauna at the very summit of the forest. Uphill 15mins stairways walk to the start of the canopy walk and it will take approx 30mins to complete the walk.

2) Sg Tembeling Boat Ride - There will be few series of boat ride with the longest being a 2hour ride in Day1. As the boat pushes its way up the stream against the rapids, high chances to get wet. Enjoy the wind breeze while browsing the riverside flora and many birds and monkeys along the river. Sun could be a low highlight here. Get ready sunblock lotion and towel to shield yourself from the hot sun.

3) Jungle Trekking and Hiking - Grueling 8km in 4 hours in Day1 as we aim to reach the cave before sunset. Tough but high possibility with ample rest in between and good teamwork spirit. Much more relaxing 8km in Day2. Covers mainly low lying terrain with occasional moderate uphill. Leech will be another setback. Chance to spot many types of flora and fauna. Occasional insect and small reptile encounter. Climbing over and under fallen trees. Crossing many shoe-deep streams or at times balancing yourself over tree bark crossing a stream. There are guide ropes - no worries.

4) Cave Exploration - We will explore 2 caves. Gua Kepayang Besar is home to fruit bats, porcupine and jungle frogs. A huge cave, high ceiling and many pictureristic opportunities. This will be our accommodation for the night. Do get ready for morning sun rays shining inwards towards to cave. Another cave will be Gua Kepayang Kecil, home to insect bats. Discover up close and personal with these bats.

5) Night Jungle Walk - The sound, the moonlight or darkness of the jungle and experience the inner jungle at night. Good torchlight/headlamp is essential. Stay close with group as we don't want to lose sight of each other. Scorpion, porcupine, insects, worm, tarantula are possible sightings.

6) Sleeping in the cave - Many first timers sleeping in the cave. Do keep the campfire burning (our guide will ensure that). Temperature will drop after 2am. Experience sounds of silence with water droplets, crackling wood fire and if lucky sounds of wild animals.

7) River Swim and Picnic - We will have our Day2 Lunch at a river deep enough for a good swim and/or tarzan-ing into the river. No worries, part of river is only calf level so a good soak is also possible.

8) Dining in the Jungle - Prepare, cook and dine in the jungle. Experience the food prepared jungle style. Every food taste and smell absolutely delicious with good aroma from the fire wood. Do note that all food is edible ya. Nothing "Fear Factor" about the food.

9) Orang Asli Visit - See for yourself the workings of Orang Asli - the hunting and fire starting techniques. Visit their homes and experience shooting from a blow-pipe.

10) River restaurant dinner - Self expense dinner on Day2 after a good bath returning from the jungle. Enjoy the many river restaurant available with great food and sharing of laughter and experience among the hiking group. Excellent way to unwind down a tiring journey.

Main activities:
Extra conditions:

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Day 1

Arrival and hike in

- Arrive Kuala Tahan, Jerantut, Pahang by 8am (on your own)
- Breakfast (own expense)
- Do necessary hiking packing. Food distribution. Register in Ranger office
- 2-hour boat ride to start of hiking trail. Lunch (provided)
- 4-hour 8km hike
- Arrive and stay in cave (Gua Kepayang Besar). Freshen up via river nearby. Start fire. Dinner (provided)
- 1-hour short night walk outside cave

Day 2

Spend in day in rainforest and hike out

Day 2 (Sunday)
- Breakfast (provided)
- Visit another cave (Gua Kepayang Kecil)
- 3-hour 6km hike
- Arrive river. Freshen up. Lunch (provided)
- 1-hour 2km hike
- Arrive for boat pickup.
- 30-min boat ride to Orang Asli village
- Another 30-min boat ride and arrive at Kuala Tahan between 5-7pm
- Freshen up and return home

Outfit Recommendations

What should I pack?

I guess most of you had done some reading when it comes to hiking/trekking/camping. But I listed the below for sharing purposes.
You should have 2 bags.

► Bag-1: Your hiking bag
1) Sandals/Slippers
2) Torch Lights or Headlamps (Preferred)
3) Light snacks for Energy during Trekking i.e. Nuts, Chocolate, Power Bars
4) Extra Clothing to change during the night (Optional)
5) Small Towel
6) Sarung/cloth to wrap yourself during changing
7) Insect repellant (can be shared)
8) Sunblock (can be shared)
9) Basic medication (can be shared)
10) Very Basic Personal Toiletries (I propose only toothbrush and paste only)
11) Camera
12) Trekking Pole/ Walking Stick (Optional)
13) Poncho or Raincoat
14) Plate, Cup, Spoon
15) Own sleeping bag (can be provided if needed)

1. Do place water sensitive items in zip-lock waterproof bag.
2. Kindly limit the weight of your hiking bag to 1.5kg as it will get heavier (up to 5kg) once you take in items given to you at Tmn Negara. Refer below:

► Bag-2: Your after-hiking bag
1) You can bring your whole house wardrobe if you want. You will use this to freshen up after back from hiking.
2) This bag will be placed in your car till we are back from the hiking on Day2. It will be safe.

What would be provided to each of you
1) 3 x 1.5L mineral water. You can carry less if confident of your water consumption. You get chance to hydrate yourself during Day1 Dinner and Day2 Lunch as beverages will be prepared on the spot.
2) Sleeping bag. Do bring yours if you have one.
3) Sleeping foam
4) Portion of food ration for Day1 - Lunch and Dinner
5) Portion of food ration for Day2 - Breakfast and Lunch
6) Light snacks
7) Note: Portion of food ration that you carry is NOT solely yours. It is shared across the group
8) Note: You can bring your own food to cook but you need to bring your own cooking utensils

What would the guide carry/bring?
1) Floor Mat
2) Cooking utensils
3) Knifes
4) Basic Medication
5) Food Ration that is heavy
6) Tonnes of Taman Negara experience

Poor weather plan

Park closes from November till February every year due to East Coast Monsoon season

Where we will meet

Kuala Tahan Pahang Malaysia

How to get there

Standard price
RM 278.40 /Pax
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