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Introduction to Hmong Batik Culture

Luang Prabang, Laos
3 hours
1 - 15 travelers
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3 days
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MYR 295.80/Pax
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Make Hmong batik with the legendary grandmother weaver, and experience Laos through its textile art.

In Hmong culture, where there is no written language, textiles are used as a storytelling device. In Laos, Hmong batik is a resist dye technique that uses indigo dye and naturally-sourced hemp cloth. They are usually made into clothes, baby carriers, blankets and other items. The designs represent their identity, and is passed down from mother to daughter across generations.

In this class, you have the chance to learn from the legendary Mae Thao (Grandmother) Zuzong, our resident Batik Teacher. The hand-loomed hemp, and indigo dye are made by the Grandmother herself. Learn to draw and create the traditional patterns that have lasted centuries, until your final masterpiece is formed. You will go home with a wax resistant, Hmong-style fabric.

Not only is this a personal, interactive way to learn about Hmong batik, taking part in this workshop helps to support local Lao artisans, their families and their communities.


  • Day 1 3.0hours
    Hmong Batik Making with the Grandmother
    The local artisan who will guide you is our legendary weaver, who conducts her classes in a little hideaway at Luang Prabang. At the end of your class, you will complete a 30 x 46 cm hemp fabric filled with the traditional designs that the Grandmother has learned from her mother, and her ancestors before her.

    You can choose from two sessions, from 9am -12pm or 1pm -4pm .
Hands-on Fun , Cultural Heritage , Educational Fun
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Smart casual , Children friendly
Standard price
MYR 295.80 /Pax
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