Traditional Lao Bead Weaving with The Weaving Sisters

Luang Prabang, Laos

1.5 hours
1 - 3 travelers
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Learn traditional Lao bead weaving with sisters Mone and Doi from the Katu tribe.

Mone and Doi learned to weave since they were seven. They and their sisters lived in a hill tribe village where weaving is tradition and main industry. Every tribe has their own traditional patterns and meanings behind them, each representing an aspect in their daily lives. The sisters moved to Luang Prabang to start The Weaving Sisters, where they sell handmade Katu and Hmong handicraft, as well as teach guests to weave.

The sisters find joy in teaching others to weave, and be a part of this Lao cultural tapestry.

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Traditional Lao bead weaving

The duration of the class depends on what you want to make. Here are the estimated times:

Necklace ~1.5 hours
Bookmark ~1.5 hours
Bracelet ~2 hours
Headband ~3.5 hours
Belt ~4.5 hours
Camera strap ~5 hours
Portable weaving loom setup/ scarf ~ 2 days

For pieces that take longer than a day, please customize your request to receive a quotation.
Mone showing different styles of weaving
Weaving on a handloom
Gift shop
Materials for the workshop
Colorful threads
Beautiful textiles
Hmong-style clothes
The Weaving Sisters and the family behind them

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Luang Prabang, Luang Prabang Province, Laos

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