Meet the Saints: A Walkthrough Malacca's Holy Architecture

Malacca, Malaysia

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Malay, Chinese and Indian are the three main pillars of Malaysia, no doubt Islam, Buddhism or Taoism and Hinduism are the most popular religion embraced by Malaysians. To know more about Malaysia's history and culture,

As Malaysians, we embrace diversity and experience an array of rich cultures. Each of us possesses a set of belief and traditions, and it's not quite fathomable how we managed to live in harmony for decades. That's truly one of the unique elements that we're proud of. Dive deep into various perspectives and open your mind to a Malaysia you've never seen before. Get to know their religions and practices and you'll understand the driving force behind Malaysians insights and culture.

A great place to start would be Malacca, an ancient ground containing rich elements. Join us in this enlightening trip and see the wonders of harmony in diversity. Being a history and architecture manic, I'll share with you the different angles and ins and outs of these religions in Malaysia, with untold stories you'll never find in your history textbooks!

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08:00 AM

Meet at meeting point, Performing Stage at Jonker Walk

08:15 AM

Cheng Hoon Teng - Malaysia's oldest Chinese temple


Cheng Hoon Teng represents Malacca Chinese's religion, also the oldest Chinese Temple in Malaysia, lasting for more than 300 years to date! It carries the stories of hardship and struggles from the days of our ancestral Chinese crossing the borders from China Mainland until the shores of Malaysia, with the passing of many generations, who until today, strived to uphold this gem. It's intrinsic, traditional Taiwanese-style architecture showcases a mixture of Nanyang style and indelible "foreign elements".

09:00 AM

Kampung Kling Mosque


It's not your typical kind of mosque- its double eaves and tower-like minarets resemble of a Chinese design. On top of that, its European Roman-inspired column and tiles, wood carvings and chairs from China invoke the many different cultural characteristics that harmonize between one another. Kampung Kling Mosque would likely be the most represented mosque in Malacca.

10:00 AM

Sri Poyyatha Vinayagar Moorthi Hindu temple


Some say it's Hinduism, while some may argue that it's Brahmanism. As a matter of fact, the Sri Poyyatha Vinayagar Moorthi temple has been the longest standing Malaysia's Hindu temple. Feel the ancient Indian culture, and see the wisdom of our ancestors recreating the Indian facade with some local twist.

11:00 AM

San Duo Temple


The second oldest Chinese temple in Malacca, San Duo temple is still dominated by the Guangdong and Hakka community. Amongst the many fables retold, stories are passed on and relived the times when our ancestral Chinese forefathers and foremothers had to brace through obstacles to travel south to Malaysia, just the better future of your generation.

12:00 PM

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Do not wear shorts and sleeveless top because we are visiting religious spaces.

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