Favourite Malay Savouries

Selangor, Malaysia

5 hours
2 - 4 travelers
Booking notice
7 days
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MYR 377.00

I speak English

Learn to cook-from-scratch the Malay favorite savories:

1) Lempeng / Roti Nyiur (coconut pancake)
2) Roti Jala and Chicken Curry
3) Savoury Kuih Cara
4) Pandan Chicken

The after-cooking 'exam' is to taste-test your own cooking.

Main activities:
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Day 1

Cook & Eat!

10am: We meet at Jaya Grocer to get the ingredients, fresh is best! 10.30am: We start with Roti Jala and Chicken Curry 11.30am: Then we start with Pandan Chicken 12.30pm: Break --- We try out the two dishes 1.30pm: We start with Lempeng Nyior / Coconut Pancake 2pm: We will end with the Savory Cara 3pm: Class ends.

Safety notices

Only let me know if you have (or not) tolerance for super spicy food. Just in case.

Standard price
MYR 377.00 /Pax
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Best by car / Grab.