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Agro Adventure at Tasek Gelugor

Penang, Malaysia
21 July, 2018
8 hours
1 - 10 travelers
Booking notice
1 day
Standard price
MYR 197.20/Pax
I speak English
Venture into the beautiful natural treasures of Tasek Gelugor to discover local traditions and lifestyle at the fisherman jetties.

Tasek Gelugor is a 18km river lined by lush greenery and quaint fishing villages. Now recognized as an agrotourism destination, you are welcomed to enjoy the pristine riverside beauty and the fascinating myriad of activities.

Take a river cruise to see how fisherman go about their daily lives, experience their well-preserved traditions, enjoy birdwatching, and discover the flora and fauna surrounding you. Join a guided tour of the Educational Forest, equipped with elevated walkway, canopy walk and watch tower will enrich your knowledge about the flora and fauna of the swamp forest.

Along the way, hop off several fisherman jetties to get a glimpse of village life. Taste local food like Peknga, tapai pulut, ikan pekasam and traditional snacks. Learn about livestock rearing, play fun traditional games, and even milk a goat the way they do in villages! If you plan to stay longer, you have more time to explore more village activities as you cycle through the village or engage in seasonal activities at nearby paddy field.

The River Trail in Tasek Gelugor Agro Tourism programme is a not-to-be-missed highlight of your trip to Penang!


  • Day 1
  • 09:00 AM Arrive for Meet and Greet
    Arrive at the meeting point and meet your local guide.

    For groups of 16 pax and above, you will be greeted by a full traditional welcome set-up, accompanied by the sounds of traditional drum and flute, as well as other traditional items such as Sireh Junjung, Bunga Manggar and Bunga Telur and traditional music performance.
  • 09:15 AM Reach Pengkalan Chegar Jetty
    Pengkalan Chegar Jetty is the starting point where you will meet your Nature Tourist Guide and your local host.

    You will be briefed about the itinerary and safety. Put on your safety jacket before embarkation.
  • 09:30 AM The River Cruise starts
    During the river cruise you will see up-close the river fishing activities using cast net, rods and cage method. Learn from your guide about the flora and fauna along the river. Grab your binoculars and learn about various bird species.

    Binoculars will be provided on a sharing basis.
  • 11:00 AM Arrival at Labuh Banting Jetty
    This is your first stop. You will be onshore for breakfast, served with delicious Peknga with Mackerel Curry. Try local coffee and nutmeg juice. You can try your hands at making the Peknga!

    There are local products for sale here, along with a workshop to learn how to make two traditional food items: tapai pulut (made from fermented glutinous rice) and ikan pekasam (traditional preserved fish). Afterwards, you can learn to play the Cakplong (The Bamboo Pump Gun-the traditional version of paintball).
  • 12:00 AM Continue River Cruise
    You will get back to your boat and continue the river cruise. Along the way, you will see more river activities and natural attractions.
  • 12:30 AM Arrive at Pengkalan Machang Jetty
    Welcome to the last fisherman jetty - Pengkalan Machang.

    You will be given a demonstration of the making of a traditional trade - the making of Cigarette Leaves as well as how fisherman mend the fishing nets..

    Your lunch will be served here - a set of "Ikan Bawal Goreng (Deep fried Pomfret) with curry, ulam and sambal.
  • 02:00 PM Explore Educational Forest
    Join a guided tour at Air Itam Dalam Educational Forest where you can walk on the suspension bridge and learn about the flora and fauna. Stop at a Madu Kelulut Shop. (Kelulut is a kind of “Stingless Honey Bee”). You will be briefed about the rearing and harvesting process. Don't forget to sample the honey!
  • 03:30 PM Experience at Local Village
    Continue to local village: Kampung Seberang Tok Dol

    You will learn how to cook a traditional snack, followed by an afternoon Coffee Break.
  • 04:15 PM Visit a Goat Rearing House
    Here is your last stop. Learn from the local villager who has been operating the rearing house and run a decent business supplying goat milk to local markets. Try your hands at hand milking the goat and you may sample the fresh milk too.
  • 05:00 PM End of Programme
Local Living , Rural Escape , Cultural Heritage
Transportation during tour
Walking , Others
Extra conditions
Smart casual , Flexible plan , Halal food available


  • Travel notes
    The itinerary is subject to change for customization purpose and for the convenience and preference of guests.
  • Poor weather plan
    Whenever necessary and applicable, certain activities may be carried out at a central venue.

  • Safety notices
    All guests are advised to adhere to the itinerary and be guided by local host.
Standard price
MYR 197.20 /Pax
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