The Agonizing Life of Coolie Labourer

Malacca, Malaysia

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Chinese ancestors came into Malacca during the Malacca Empire during the 15th century. They are attracted by the prospect of work at that time. In this piece of foreign land. The first job for Malaysian Chinese ancestors that came to Nanyang are mostly coolie, which also known as the harbour labourers. Malacca is the concentration port for coolies. Where do they find comfort and what have they brought over from their home country?

You'll get to see the historical places where the Chinese coolies used to go for spiritual support as well as various techniques that they have brought to Malacca. Going to the temple where Chinese coolies used to gather and places where they used to buy products from the homeland that gives them a hint of familiarity.

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Day 1

10:00 AM

Meet at meeting point. Discover the formation and evolution of Malacca


The story of Malacca begins from the river mouth of Malacca River. The first stop at river mouth of Malacca will help us understand the evolution of both shores in Malacca river and how did grow into Malacca today.

11:00 AM

Visit the temple where coolies used to gather and share their stories. Followed by a visit to the tomb of a Hero.


Once upon a time, at the crossroad of Coolie Street, where stories shared in Tekong Feng Shan Gong.

12:00 AM

Lunch Break

01:00 PM

Fu Zhang Arts and Crafts Company, History of Carvings


Fu Zhang Arts and Crafts Company specialises in various kinds of traditional inscribed boards, one of the remarkable shops in Melacca. The boss, Ding Wei-qiang highly skilled in carvings, his extraordinary carving techniques. Mr Ding is passionate towards carving craftsmanship, possess an art collection that he has set up an art centre to exhibit his life collection as well as his artwork. It includes the largest engraved board in Malaysia.

01:30 PM

Sin Hiap Hin Winery


Wonder how does the bar that coolies visit 100 years ago looks like? Follow us! Get a hint of taste and talk about the good old times with the lady boss.

02:00 PM

Koh Beng Huat Tea Merchant


Koh Beng Huat Tea Merchant is the oldest tea merchant in Malacca, specialise in Wu-Long tea bricks that are imported from Hokkien province. They determine to use the traditional paper wrapper even now. Definitely the treasure place for tea lover.

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  • Wong X. R.
    Reviewed in April 2017

    Jige is very experienced. We enjoyed the learning trip alot.

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