The Artwork of European Colonization

Malacca, Malaysia

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Capital of the state of Malacca is on the west coast of peninsular Malaysia. The city has a rich history and cultural background from previous Portuguese, Dutch and British rule. The city centre was listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site in July 2008, along with Georgetown, Penang.

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Day 1

10:00 AM

Meet at meeting point. Visit to The Stadthuys, a must-visit spot in Malacca


Due to the strategic location of Malacca, it was colonised by four different colonial powers in the span of 600 years. That was a saddening past. However, the historical buildings left by colonisers have now become significant sights of Malacca. The Stadthuys functioned as Municipal Town Hall and Governor's residence. Now, it serves as an Ethnography Museum, exhibiting the revolution of Malacca and Malaya history.

11:00 AM

Discover the secret to Heavenly Kingdom in Christchurch


A must visit spot in Malacca. Huge amount of funds is used to preserve the place. However, there are only a handful of people that know that there is a secret to Heavenly Kingdom!

12:00 PM

Head up to St Paul’s Hill and explore the story of St Francis Xavier


If you’ve been to Macau, you may know “Mater Dei” the well-known facade of a 17th-century church destroyed by fire. Both built by the same person, the devoted Christian, St Francis Xavier. There is a statue of St. Francis Xavier but why is the broken right arm not mend?

01:00 PM

Reveal the mystery of a lone crumbling whitewashed gatehouse


There’s only a lone gate Porta de Santiago remains in Malacca, where are the other gates? The Dutch brazenly inscribed their governance strategy on the gatehouse, what is the mystery behind this?

02:00 PM

Find the key of Malacca's survival in Church of St. Francis Xavier


This church was built in memory of St Francis. It’s a twin-spired neo-gothic structured building that is rare in Malaysia. A lot people do not know what lies beneath the church. The crucial key of Malacca staying in existence.

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