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Malacca, Malaysia

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Malacca is a centre of Peranakan culture. When Chinese settlers originally came to Malacca as miners, traders and coolies, they took local brides (of Javanese, Batak, Achenese, etc descent) and adopted many local customs. The result of this is an interesting fusion of local and Chinese cultures. The men are addressed as Babas and the women Nyonyas by their servants meaning Master and Mistress. All these historic influences are still seen today.

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Day 1

10:00 AM

Meet at meeting point. Discover Babas and Nyonyas' luxurious life back in the days


Babas and Nyonyas (Peranakan community) are descended from mixed Chinese and Malay ancestry. Hence, they carries on cultural essence of both ethnics. When you enter their house, you’ll see the opulent interiors. The unique buildings under the influence of Babas and Nyonyas that combines both Chinese and Malay culture. Their wealth back in the era will be shown through their interiors. Don’t miss out the most popular private museum in Malacca, to enjoy what’s the life of a rich. It’s not exaggerating to consider this small but comprehensive museum as the gateway of your discovery to the Baba Nyonya cultural establishments.

11:00 AM

Be amused by cultural artwork at the Hereen Street


On this renowned street, it is packed with historical buildings, calligraphy artworks and Baba Nyonyas. However, why is it named as Hereen Street and why do Baba Nyonyas like to gather here on this street? Let us slowly unfold this for you.

12:00 PM

Unveil the history of he most prominent Chinese Association back, Eng Choon Association


Hokkien ethnic plays the major part of Malacca Chinese. Among Hokkiens, Eng Choon occupies the biggest part. Hence, Eng Choon Association represents the strongest Chinese association back then.

01:00 PM

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