Dapur Mekwa Kelantanese Supper Club (Dinner Party)

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

3 hours
1 - 9 travelers
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CJ &. H.
I speak English, Malay, Mandarin

Enjoy a Kelantanese fine-dining experience in this unique & one of the exclusive supper club in Malaysia.

Dapur Mekwa Grub Club is a new and exciting social experience, a cross between a dinner party and a restaurant. It's more than just a dining event but a social experience enriched with culture and heritage. You get the informality of eating at home (at our private residence) but with the added benefit of dining out, i.e. no need for cooking and clearing up!

Each meal comes with an origin story, narrated by the host who acts as Tok Selampit, a traditional Kelantanese storyteller. It's 4-course culinary enjoyment intended to enrich the connection between and among the guests. Usually, the foods they served eaten all at the same time, in typical local fashion, but it has been modified them into a fine dining meal. The ingredients in each course are connected to the next, to ensure a balance of your palate and so that the feed flows like the plot of a story.

For their debut menu, they introduce a royal theme, featuring princesses of yore such as Puteri Gunung Ledang and Puteri Saadong. At the table, each place setting included a card that told the stories of these legendary female figures. Together with the food, they became part of the storytelling.

Come and dine at the extraordinary & rustic adventure of Dapur Mekwa Grub Club in Taman Melati, Kuala Lumpur. Enjoy an evening of fabulous conversations and unique dining experience, featuring an interpretation of traditional Kelantanese food, with a modern twist!

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Day 1

Indulge in a unique Kelantanese dining experience

Enjoy some drinks and nibbles before sitting down to savour an exquisite 4-course Kelantanese dinner with mocktails. Every Saturday, it starts from 7 pm to 10 pm.

Pre-dinner Welcome Drink


SUP UDANG PADUKA JEMBAL Rich, hearty prawn soup subtly spiced, with a hint of coconut milk and kaffir lime leaves for a delightful tang MAK YONG SALAD WITH KERABU SNAPPER Fresh fish cured in lime juice with lemongrass, in a bed leafy lettuce, rockets, toasted cashew nuts and dried shrimps AYAM PERCIK BONDA WITH INDERAPURA RICE Flavourful roast chicken topped with creamy percik sauce with a zing, served with fragrant rice and condiments LOMPAT TIKAM WITH GULA MELAKA Silky pandan rice flour cake served with glutinous rice, generous amount of thick coconut milk and drizzles of palm sugar DRINKS & BEVERAGES Guests can bring alcohol

Makyong Salad with Kerabu Snapper
Ayam Percik Bonda with Inderapura Rice
Lompat Tikam with Gula Melaka
Sup Udang Paduka Jembal

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Not suitable for Vegan and Peanut allergy

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  • Khen
    Reviewed in July 2018

    It is hard to put into words how amazing this Private dining experience with Chef Hisham is. The quality, presentation, ambiance here are the perfect quartet for a memorable meal.

    Lots of chit-chat, great food brings us together! And thanks CJ for serving us Paraguay Tea, we were in awe of it! Hidden pearl!

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This is a private residence, location will be shared individually upon confirmation the day before this event .