The Ultimate Bentong Food Crawl

Pahang, Malaysia

13 hours
1 - 10 travelers
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1 day
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RM 232.00

I speak English, Malay, Mandarin

This is the ultimate food crawl in Bentong you don't want to miss, where you can savour the best and famous local favourites in town.

From "Chee Cheong Fun" and "Wan Tan Mee" in the morning, to a delicious array of street food, "Tau Fu Pok", Guang Xi dishes, and homemade ice cream, Bentong is a hidden food gem in Malaysia. Your local expert knows everything there is to know (and eat) about Bentong, and will bring you to several food destinations and local attractions such as the waterfall, temple and Bentong Walk.

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07:45 AM

Pick up from hotel within KL

08:00 AM

Depart to Bentong.

09:15 AM

Breakfast time: choose Bentong's famous Wan Tan Mee & Chee Cheong Fun


Bentong has two popular breakfast dishes - the Wan Tan Mee and Chee Cheong Fun.

Wan Tan Mee consists of thin, dry noodles in a dark soy broth and sweet, barbecued pork and dumplings.

Chee Cheong Fun is a thin rice noodle roll sometimes eaten with light soy sauce or a special sweet sauce, along with some side dishes. This is usually taken as a dim sum (bite-sized portion of food) or main meal.

10:30 AM

Visit Peanut Factory and Tofu Factory


These factory visits would give you a peek into how Bentong produces its famous peanuts and tofu.

Tofu Puff

12:00 PM

Dessert break: Handmade ice cream


Escape from the sun and chill with Bentong's famous handmade ice cream, which blends the best of local Malaysian flavours and Bentong's fresh ingredients.

Bentong's Famous Ice-Cream

01:00 PM

Lunch: Bentong's Guang Xi 3 Signature Dishes


Enjoy the mild, aromatic and distinctive flavour of Guang Xi style cuisine.

3 Signature Dishes of Bentong - Guang Xi Braised Pork
3 Signature Dishes of Bentong - Chicken with Ginger Sauce
3 Signature Dishes of Bentong - Tofu Puff

02:30 PM

Visit Chamang Waterfall aka "Lover's Waterfall".


Chamang Waterfall is a majestic waterfall framed by mountains and a rushing river. It is a refreshing spot to take it slow, relax or have fun in the water.

Chamang Waterfall

04:30 AM

Visit 100-year-old Chinese Temple Kwong Fook (optional)


05:30 PM

Tofu puff tasting


Try the freshest, biggest tofu puff you have ever seen! Bentong is known for having delicious tofu puffs, most of them made by family businesses who have passed down the recipe for generations.

Huge Tofu Puff

06:00 PM

Free and easy at Bentong Walk, last round of food and snacks!


Bentong Night Market exudes a lively atmosphere and has a myriad of stalls selling all sorts of street food. You will have time to grab your dinner and walk around to see the colorful town.

07:00 PM

Depart from Bentong

08:00 PM

Reach meeting point

Outfit Recommendations

Casual t-shirts, sun cap, any shoes will do.

Poor weather plan

Bring sunblock, umbrella and raincoats.

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KL Sentral Station Kuala Lumpur Sentral Kuala Lumpur Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

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RM 232.00 /Pax
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Lunch - Bentong's Guang Xi 3 Signature Dishes
Snack - Tofu Puff
Entrance - Factories & Chamang Waterfall
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Dessert - Ice Cream
Transportation - Back and forth to Bentong (from KL Sentral)
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