Off-Roading to Jerangkang Falls

Pahang, Malaysia

12 hours
3 - 12 travelers
Booking notice
3 days
Standard price
RM 393.00

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Let's go on an exhilarating off-road adventure at Jerangkang Eco Park in Pahang!

We'll travel on-road and off-road to the base camp at Jerangkang Eco Park. We will even cross the river together in the 4x4. Then, we will hike up over several waterfalls to swim and to see the greenery from a great height. Let's enjoy lunch and coffee in our rich Malaysian forest together!

Main activities:
Extra conditions:

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07:00 AM

Departure from Gombak LRT Station


We will travel together about 2 hours from Kuala Lumpur to Maran,Pahang, over the Titiwangsa Range where you can view our vast Malaysian mountains and forest. We will stop by to buy food and drinks, snacks or local fruits.

09:00 AM

Off-roading to base camp


When we reach the end of the tarmac, we'll be off-roading to the base camp for about 45 minutes and get ourselves prepared for a 2-hours hike.

10:00 AM

Arrival at basecamp, hike starts


During the hike, we will pass a dozen waterfalls with beautiful lagoons waiting for us to swim in.

12:00 AM



Let's have lunch together and finish it with a nice cup of coffee while admiring the view from a great height.

02:00 PM

Hill descent back to base camp


Hike down hill and make our way back to the base camp

04:00 PM

Off-roading out


Off-roading out from the base camp to heading back to Kuala Lumpur

05:00 PM

Departure back

07:00 PM

Arrival at Gombak LRT Station

Outfit Recommendations

Attire for hiking (preferably including stretchable pants, shoes/sandals with good grip, long socks and gloves)

Poor weather plan

In case of poor weather :
- Prior to leaving Gombak LRT station, tour can be rescheduled
- After reaching Pahang, itinerary will be readjusted

Safety notices

Washrooms at the basecamp are very basic and uncomfortable. If it rains, some part of the tracks can be slippery so please wear footwear with good grip. Also expect other hikers with their campsites nearby.
*insurance is not included

Where we will meet

Gombak LRT Station, Jalan Taman Melati, Taman Melati, Kuala Lumpur, Territorio Federal de Kuala Lumpur, Malasia

How to get there

Standard price
RM 393.00 /Pax
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Price including
Plain/sweet, hot Coffee or tea
Transportation - on road and off road
Gasoline and Highway toll
Life Jackets
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Lunch - bring your meals or purchase before off-roading starts
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