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Food Crawl in Bentong

Pahang, Malaysia
6 hours
4 - 20 travelers
Booking notice
7 days
Standard price
MYR 33.00/Pax
Gilbert I speak Malay, Mandarin
From the famous local favorite "Chee Cheong Fun" & "Wan Tan Mee", self-made ice cream, "Tau Fu Fa" & "Tau Fu Pok", to all different varieties. Eat all you can out of all best food in Bentong!


  • Day 1 6.0hours
    Bentong Food Crawl
    Head to selected local food haunts to try Bentong's scrumptious cuisines. You can have "Chee Cheong Fun" or "Wan Tan Mee" for breakfast; have the famous Guang Xi "3 Signature Dishes", lemang rice or percik chicken for lunch; then finish off with desserts such as handmade ice cream, Sesame Seed Ball, Apam Balik, Tau Fu Fa or Rojak.

    You can also visit the tofu puff factory to try the biggest tofu puff you have ever seen, the bee farm for honey products, or stop at a waterfall for a well-deserved rest.

    This tour itinerary is flexible, so the stops will depend on the food you want to try. Be warned - you'll be spoilt for choice!
    - Tofu Puff
    - 3 Signature Dishes of Bentong
    - Cempedak Stall
    - Ayam Percik
Local Living , Food Hunter , Cultural Heritage
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Standard price
MYR 33.00/Pax
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