Farm & Park Tour

Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia

2.5 hours
20 - 30 travelers
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7 days
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RM 60.00

I speak English, Malay

This learning journey is a 150 minute guided farm tour that will take you through an educational and informative trek of a working farm. The tour comprises a walk-about and a ride on a Farm Vehicle.

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Farm & Park Tour

At the start of the walking tour, you will have a sneak preview on what you will experience during your visit. Then you will be given the opportunity to pet and feed our Boer goats. Thereafter, you will learn about the properties and uses of various plants, as well as types of fodder for these goats.

Moving into the Bee Sanctuary, you will be briefed about Trigona Bees (stingless bees –locally called kelulut) at the show & tell stopover. This is followed by a fascinating walk around the sanctuary to witness the bees buzzing around, either at their hives' mouth or collecting nectar on the flowers or at the jackfruit tree for resin.

From here on, a Farm Vehicle will take you to see goats browsing and sheep grazing in the paddocks and farm hands at work cutting fodder. The vehicle will make a short stop by the goatshed where you will be able to see the goats in their respective pens going about their daily routine, Look out for Shed M(M for maternity) where you will see kids bonding with mummy of having their milk.

The Outback Ride will then end next to the Bee Sanctuary where you will disembark and continue on the final stretch of the guided tour on foot.​

On the way to the Herb & Vege Garden, you will stop to learn good potting practices such as right soil mixture and, see a demonstration of seedling planting. You will even get to try your hand at planting on your own.

The guided Farm & Park tours ends at the Herb & Vege Garden. This garden is divided into vegetable plot, culinary herb plot and healing or nature’s pharmacy plot. The soil is enriched using farm products including goat manure, feed residue, grass clipping, wood chipping and other green waste. No pesticide and herbicides are used in this area.

After the tour, there will be a free & easy period whence you will be free to explore The Island or stop by the The Kiosk to enjoy BoDen’s simple gourmet meals and enjoy other amenities in the vicinity.​

As this is a working farm, a strict Bio-Security System will be enforced throughout the entire time.

Outfit Recommendations

Boden Edu Farm is a working farm. Pathways and roads may be uneven in parts, with some dirt and loose gravel surfaces. We recommend you to wear sensible (enclosed) shoes, as well as a hat, sunscreen and insect repellent as required. An umbrella or rain jacket would be useful during rainy seasons.

Poor weather plan

Tour operates as normal during wet weather. However, only our Kiosk, Gallery, Petting & Feeding areas are sheltered, the other areas are exposed to open air, so you may wish to wear sensible shoes and bring an umbrella or rain jacket during the rainy seasons. If we are forced to cancel the tours, we will inform you a day in advance.

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Jempol, Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia

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RM 60.00 /Pax
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