Puja Pantai Festival 2019 (Package exclude meals) **Final Call**

Selangor, Malaysia

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Celebrate the ancient ritual of Puja Pantai with the Mah Meri on 9 February 2019 - and be part of their mysterious tradition.

Puja Pantai is the last of the important rituals still being practiced by the Mah Meri. It is believed to appease the sea spirits, and honor the protector spirits. Many years ago, a ship was caught in a big storm off Carey Island coast, near to Tanjung Rhu. The islanders believe that the Moyang Getah ( Spirit of the Rubber) had dragged it to the shores against all odds.

During Puja Pantai at low tide, join the Mah Meri as they gather at the altar they built and present their offerings. Watch them dance to accompany the shaman, dressed in traditional attire, and receive blessings. Enjoy lunch at the beach before witnessing the rituals. It's a once-in-a-lifetime affair you should not miss.

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09:00 AM

Registration at Mah Meri Cultural Village

10:00 AM

Proceed to Kampung Sungai Judah

10:30 AM

Special blessing of newly acquired items or newborn baby

11:00 AM

Procession and parade of offerings


the whole village will march out towards the shores where the mahligai or the grand alter had stood for many years, to offer the grand feast. The grand alter is almost submerged at high-tide, so the celebration will only start when the water has completely subside. Dances and song of praise accompany the shaman in trance possessed by the spirit getah and other spirits.

Walking to the site of the Puja Pantai

01:00 PM

Lunch at the beach

01:30 PM

Ritual begins


Blessing at Rumah Moyang and offerings. For a small donation, you may join by offering a Bunga Moyang

Traditional dance of the Mah Meri
The shaman carries out the ritual
Offerings afe presented during the Puja Pantai

03:00 PM

End of Puja Pantai 2019

Poor weather plan

The itinerary and program may change subject to the tide & weather conditions

★★★★★ 3.9

7 Reviews
  • Muna
    Reviewed in February 2019

    It was a very unique opportunity to be able to witness this important event in the Mah Meri calendar. Such a visceral event. The hospitality was warm and very inclusive and the lunch which includes a vegetarian option very tasty. Our host provided some excellent insight but the large crowd may mean having to turn up the volume more on the mic as it was hard to hear, Also the event grows in popularity some crowd control may be needed in order to ensure everyone gets a chance to witness the various rituals and take photos that aren't photobombed by other attendees. Looking forward to coming back to the cultural centre to visit the museum and other things I missed on this occasion.

  • Miow L.
    Reviewed in February 2019

    An wonderful experience to participate The Mah Meri Puja Pantai Festival. This was my first experience to know about the culture of orang Asli in west Malaysia. I was really touching. Thanks a lot for organizing this amazing culture trip. It will great to emphasis to respect the local custom, particularly when praying on the beaches as I believe a lots of people not really know not to block the view from the nenek moyang.

  • PAUL
    Reviewed in February 2019


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1. Direct transportation from KL (optional): Add on transportation to be picked up and dropped off from KL Sentral. Pick up time is at 8pm 2. Self Drive: You may park your car at the carpark of the Mah Meri Cultural Village. Search "Mah Meri Cultural Village" or "Kampung Orang Asli Sungai Bumbun, 42960 Pulau Carey, Kuala Langat, Selangor, Malaysia"