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Perak, Malaysia

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Live and experience life with the Semai tribe of Kampung Ulu Geroh.

30 minutes away from Gopeng town, there lies a community of Orang Asal known as the Semai from Kampung Ulu Geroh. Made up of mainly farmers, hunters and gatherers, they trade in wild fruits and vegetables, like durians, rattan, honey, resin and plants for traditional medicines.

Located within Bukit Kinta Forest Reserve, this village is also home to the rare and largest flower in the world, Rafflesia and the majestic Rajah Brooke Butterfly. These national treasures are protected by the indigenous community organisation, SEMAI (Sahabat Ekopelancongan Memulihara Alam Indah), who aims to create awareness for environmental conservation while earning an income through eco-tourism.

Jennyfer and I have a close connection to the villagers since 2016, and have continued to build their trust by organising trips here. In support of our friends from Kampung Ulu Geroh, we invite you to experience what it’s like to live amongst the Semai.

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Day 1

09:00 AM

Pick Up from KL Sentral and Head towards Gopeng Town


Along the way, you will start to see a refreshing change in scenery from the car. Here, you can experience the smaller towns of Malaysia.

12:00 PM

Settle into our Semai accommodations


After a brief stop in Gopeng, it's about 30 minutes to the village through smaller winding roads surrounded by durian orchards. Once we're there we'll settle into our accommodations. You'll have the option to either stay in huts built by our Semai friends or for those wanting to sleep under the stars (an option we always take ourselves!), we do provide tents.

04:00 PM

Native and village activities


Get first hand experience and learn to:
- Weave traditional accessories used for their spiritual dance (sewang) with coconut leaves

- Set simple animal Traps for small animals

- Fish in the nearby river using rods made from Bertam tree & bait found around the banks

- And find out if you have the skills to hunt for your meal as they once did, with a BLOWPIPE! (just kidding! instead there'll be shooting targets)

07:00 PM

Enjoy hearty indigenous meals prepared by our Semai friends


Get your grub on with wholesome delicious indigenous dishes, prepared by our Semai friends. With many of it cooked over firewood.

If you like, even get the chance to learn and cook alongside for your meals.

Most of the ingredients are found around the village or at a local market in a nearby town.

This trip includes 4 meals, drinking water, light snacks and hot beverages.

Day 2

09:00 AM

Search for the famed Rafflesia flower


If the timing is right, you'll get to see one of the biggest flower on earth right here in the backyard of Ulu Geroh Village.

From the village, it's usually between 1-2 hours hike up. It really depends where our Semai guides have identified a potential blooming flower.

Along the hike, listen as the guides share their vast knowledge of the jungle and immersed yourself with nature's beauty, that is the Malaysian Rainforest.

12:00 PM

Swim and chill at a secluded waterfall


Fresh from our trek for the Rafflesia flower, we'll head down towards a secluded waterfall only known to the villagers.

Here you'll get to have a splash and swim in the cold waters of Damak Waterfall.

While you chill and relax with a cup of coffee or tea and some light snacks.

Poor weather plan

Activities are subject to weather conditions, unutilized items in the itinerary are not refundable. This includes trip cancellation by the organizers should the weather be completely unsafe. This is at the discretion of the organizers. We are dealing with the elements of Nature, which is beyond our control.

Where we will meet

Kuala Lumpur Sentral, Kuala Lumpur, Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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RM 516.00 /Pax
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Sleeping arrangements - Mattresses, pillows & blankets
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Locally cooked dishes - 4 meals and afternoon tea & snacks
Drinking water - Please bring your own bottle/container
Walking sticks & leech socks
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How to get there

We'll pick you up from Kuala Lumpur Sentral Station at 9am and head towards Ulu Geroh Village. The journey takes about 3 hours in total with first passing by Gopeng town for those wanting to purchase snacks or preferred drinks for the trip. From Gopeng it's about 30 minutes to the village through smaller winding roads surrounded by durian orchards.