Hidden Traditions of Teluk Intan with Pulau Bangau Cruise

Perak, Malaysia

12 hours
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Teluk Intan is more than just the Leaning Clock Tower - discover the historical attractions and hidden traditions in Teluk Intan and Pulau Bangau. You can even try making rojak or Nyonya kuih.

Located 2 hours away from Kuala Lumpur, the third largest town in Perak was founded on the banks of Perak River. The area is graced by a juxtaposition of colonial buildings and Chinese shophouses, along with modern buildings and shopping malls. The river that runs through Teluk Intan provides a myriad of activities including a river cruise, bird watching and fireflies watching.

This adventure will give you a fascinating view of Teluk Intan, from the vibrant city happenings to the riverside beauty, and the traditions that have been passed down for generations.

Main activities:

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10:00 AM

Gather in Angsoka Hotel + welcome drink


You will be briefed about the history of Teluk Intan at the Teluk Intan Tourism Information Centre (Titic), located at Angsoka Hotel. Check in hotel (optional).

10:30 AM

Krishnan fried chicken


View the process of chickens fried in a big wok. The chickens are without skin but have a crunchy taste. Best taste with red and green sambal. The topping are also the favorite.

11:00 AM

Teck Kee - The making of Nyonya kuih - Red Angku Kuih ( Mung Bean Paste )


Teck Kee is the forth-generation business. The selling of kuih started off with his late great grandmother Lim Siew Bee in 1950 with a three wheeler cycle stall. The grandmother Mah See Hwa, who worked with Nyonya family as a caretaker, learned the nyonya recipe and increased the variety with nyonya kuih. One of the kuih, angku kuih is made with glutinous rice floor, filled with sweet ( or sometime savoury ) filling, with various shape, mainly tortoise. Angku kuih is a Chinese traditional food which is usually served during full moon celebration birthday, praying, wedding etc. Enjoy varieties of nyonya kuih with tea and sweet red bean soup.

12:00 PM

Visit to Teck Kee Antique shop


Owner of the shop Quah Boon Teck is an antique collector. He has a wide collection of antiques. His son, Sunny Quah studied in Taiwan on the wedding tradition. Learn the Chinese tradition and culture in wedding, from nyonya, hokkien to teo chew

12:30 PM

Visit to Hock Soon Keong Temple


The temple was built with Southern Chinese architecture. The ornately decorated entrance gate and upturned eaves of the temple roof, are the most distinguished part. This temple has to rich history of hokkien descendant, built in 1883 by Hokkien Association. It was the center point of all Hokkien Chinese in Teluk Intan during the British colonial era. The local Hokkien people would congregate at the temple to solve all problems from giving to the poor to solving fights between clans. The golden statute of Laughing Buddha was built in 1993 and was the biggest during that time.

01:00 PM

Visit Madrasah Al-Ihsaniah


The first modern Islamic school in Tanah Melayu and was built in 1901 by late Sultan Perak. This school accepted students outside Perak. A special fund was set up to assist the students.

01:30 PM

Mastan Ghani


Mastan Ghani is the 3rd generation business, specializing in noodles and rojak. One of the oldest recipe of mamak gravy noodle. The rojak sauce is without gravy. The recipe is handed down from generations to generations. There are a total of 4 branches in Anson town

02:30 PM

Rattan weaving with local


Gain an introductory exposure to rattan/bamboo work and pick up enough skills so that you can make simple objects or perform basic rattan furniture repairs on your own.

04:00 PM



A second generation business. Started by her late father, Kim Yong, was selling the lo han kuo ( natural herbal drink made of monk fruit ) on the three-wheeler cycle. Her main lo han kuo is cooked for up to 12 hours and made of only natural ingredients without any preservative. She name the stall Hawaii as she created a very colorful shaved ice desert made of fruits.

04:30 PM

Leaning tower of Teluk Intan


The leaning tower was built on 1885, the tower is slanted leftward, same as the world-famous leaning tower of Pisa, Italy. The purpose was to store water for the locals during the drought season in case of fire. The clock on the tower was also used to keep time. The reasons why the tower leans are the soft ground on which it was built, as well as the weight of the water in the water tank. From the outside, it was seen as eight floors but in fact it is only 3 floors. At night it was lighted with multi-colors.

05:00 PM

Visit to Heo Pia ( local biscuit )


Famous ‘Heo Pia’ claimed to be originated from Anson. One bite and you get to taste the oozing caramelized liquid from within, very soft fillings with distinctive fried shallots and sesame aroma.

Heong Peng

05:30 PM

Pulau Bangau River Cruise and Firefly Watching Tour (optional)


In the evening, take a scenic cruise towards the Pulau Bangau bird sanctuary, home to thousands of migratory and local species of river birds. Along the way, you will see historical jetties, sand-mining ships, a sunken ship boiler, fish farms, floating restaurants, temples, deep-sea fishing boat factories and the Teluk Intan Waterfront. The cruise will last about 1.5 hours.

At night, you could choose to continue witness a beautiful spectacle where fireflies illuminate the riverbank at night, on a Firefly Watching Tour, but it's an optional tour.

Boat to Pulau Bangau
Fish Farm
Boat to Pulau Bangau

08:00 PM



Anson Chee Cheong Fun by Liew Kee factory. It is freshly made from oven, you can feel it on your hand warm. It is only for takeaway. The packet contains finely chopped deep-fried dried prawns, short slices of turnips, chopped up salted radish, deep-fried shallots, and served with slices of pickled green chilies. Chee cheong fun is made from starchy rice noodles. When eat, succulent crunchiness warm ingredients filling up your mouth.

09:00 PM

Leaning tower night view

10:00 PM

Check in Hotel or sayonara

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