Silambam in Six Hours Experience

Perak, Malaysia

6 hours
2 - 6 travelers
Booking notice
14 days
Standard price
RM 300.00

I speak English, Malay

Come and experience the uniqueness of the ancient Indian martial art - SILAMBAM. Silambam is known as a weapon-based martial art (preferably using bamboo staffs as weapon, with its length being customized depending on the height of the practitioners) originated from India, specifically from Tamil Naidu region in the Indian subcontinent. Nowadays, as demonstrations on Silambam for local cultural events and shows have been increased across timeline, we are proud to speak that Malaysia has provided Silambam a stable and great platform in becoming the most popular and widely practiced Indian martial art in our country.

This martial art is divided into different stages, but our main focus on practicing Silambam (1st stage) is meant to allow practitioners (especially beginners) to build foundation for the body to be capable in fighting and prepare the body in an optimum state for the training itself. This includes to improve the practitioners' agility, speed, flexibility, balance, strength hand-eye coordination, kinaesthetic awareness, muscular endurance, and cardiovascular stamina.

In this workshop, you will get to learn self-defense techniques using the stick (rattan) which is the basic for all other weapons and stick spinning techniques as a form of demonstrational art.

Experience the use of the whole body to coordinate with the mind and soul to conceive and give birth to a unique form of art.

Main activities:
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Silambam in 6 Hours

10:00 AM - Meet at Silambam Training Centre
10:15 AM - Basic stick spinning skills (outdoor)
01:00 PM - Lunch Break
02:00 PM - Basic (combat) stick fencing

Every training session will include 3 hours of basic stick spinning skills and 3 hours of (combat) stick fencing (This includes basic stances, attacks and defense techniques). Training will be held both indoor and outdoor. Participants are advised to bring their training shoes along. All equipment required for the training session will be provided by the host.
Participants may request for a short course on Pranayama (Breathing Exercises) to be included for RM45/pax.

Outfit Recommendations

Sports attire and training shoes.

Poor weather plan

All outdoor activities will be conducted indoor.

Where we will meet

47a, Kledang Permai 1, Taman Kledang Permai, 31450 Ipoh, Negeri Perak, Malaysia

How to get there

Standard price
RM 300.00 /Pax
Booking details
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Price including
Training T-shirt & Pants
Silambam Stick
Certificate of Completion
How to get there

For transportation, shuttle services (pick up/drop) are provided upon request. A fee of RM250 will be charged for any groups with less than 6 participants. For groups larger than 6 pax, shuttle services subjected to availability. For price inquiries, please contact the host.