The Colour of Malay Culture of Perak – Warna-Warni Negeri Perak

Perak, Malaysia

1.5 hours
5 - 40 travelers
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7 days
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MYR 127.60

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I speak English, Malay

Warna-warni Perak will bring tourists from local or across the global an all new experience to get to discover the beauty of Perak Malay culture by joining our workshop at Perak Jabatan Kebudayaan dan Kesenian Negara (JKKN) Complex. You will get to witness and experience variety of unique Malay cultures such as performance on Silat, traditional music and dances. In addition, tourists will be able to enjoy and learn by participating in making arts and crafts, such as anyaman ketupat, Malay male traditional headgear tanjak, etc.

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Day 1

Workshop will be conducted from 3:00 pm to 4:15 pm. - Tourist(s) arrival with special warm welcome by fellow JKKN members dressed up as prince and princess of Perak. - Silat (Malay martial art) performance. - Walk-in to JKKN gallery (traditional clothes or attires, traditional accessories, traditional games). - Assemble at Auditorium, watch traditional Malay music and dances performance (dabus dance, betolah dance, singing folks song Kelin Kira, Kuala Kangsar). Learn Joget Lambak and dance in a big group. - Mini exhibition tour i. Traditional games – Batu Seremban, Congkak, Dam Aji Gergasi & Ceper ii. Let’s learn to make Tanjak (Malay male traditional headgear) iii. Demonstration on the making of wau kekek iv. Drawing cartoon by Perak cartoonists

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Smart casual.

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This is an indoor activity.

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MYR 127.60 /Pax
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