Mini Madeleines Tower - Baking Workshop

Selangor, Malaysia

02 hours 30 minutes
1 - 10 travelers
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3 days
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Artsome Lab
I speak English, Malay

Join our baking workshop to bake a cute Mini Madeleines Tower Cake!

Petite shell shaped, Madeleine are the traditional desserts served to royal family in France. The original taste of Madeleine is refreshing and yummy. In modern time, bakers had transform it to a beautiful and dreaming shells by dipping it in Belgium chocolate and arrange nicely in tower shape as for blessings and celebration purposes.

In this workshop, you will be able to learn making Madeleine shells and prepare your favourite color dipping chocolate. Besides, we will teach you on how to fix Madeleine shells on tower, decorate the tower to your liking and packing it in the right way!

We welcome beginners or those who has zero knowledge on baking Madeleine Cake!

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02:30 PM

Start of Baking Workshop


Workshop begins with introduction of Madeleine. You will learn to make Madeleine shells, prepare your favorite color dipping chocolate and fix Madeleine shells on tower. Lastly, we will teach you on decorating and packing the cake.

05:00 PM

End of Baking Workshop


Bring home your handcrafted Madeleine tower!

Travel notes

Workshop is suitable for age above 13 years old.

Where we will meet

Artsome Lab Studio, U13 Shah Alam, Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia

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