Go-Kart Endurance Race

Selangor, Malaysia

1.5 hours
1 - 20 travelers
Booking notice
7 days
Standard price
RM 300.00

Sepang International Circuit
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Sepang International Kart Circuit (SIKC) is located within Sepang International Circuit (SIC). The Kart Circuit was designed by renowned F1 Track designer, Hermann Tilke, who was also responsible for the layout of Sepang International Circuit’s main Track. The karting track is 1.247KM long and 10M wide, with 11 challenging bends. SIKC is a professional karter’s circuit sectioned by Commission International de Karting (CIK) under the Federation International de Automobile (FIA) for Asia Zone C. The tarmac used is identical to the one on the main track, thus offers the best racing experience.


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The Le Mans Experience. Test your fitness level, resilience and teamwork – brain vs brawn. It’ll take more than speed to win the race.

Standard Format
✓ Practice & Qualifying - 15 minutes
✓ Endurance Race - 60 minutes
✓ Includes Race Management, Timekeeping & Marshals

Objective: To achieve as many laps as possible within 60 minutes

Kart Types

Series 1 Karts
◊ Designed for first timers and regular karters alike
◊ 200cc 4 stroke Engine 6.5 horsepower
◊ Members per team: 3 - 5pax
◊ Maximum number of karts on the track at one time to race:20 karts

Series 2 Karts
◊ Designed for beginner or more experienced karters
◊ 100cc 2 stroke Engine 16 horsepower
◊ Members per team: 3 - 5pax
◊ Maximum number of karts on the track at one time to race:10 karts

Series 3 Karts
◊ Designed for professional karters
◊ 125cc 2 stroke Engine 21 horsepower
◊ Members per team: 3- 5 pax
◊ Maximum numberof karts on the track at one time to race:10 karts

Travel notes

Standard Karting Hours
• Tuesday to Sunday: 1000 hours to 1900 hours
• Monday: 1000 hours to 1900 hours (available for advance bookings only)
• Night Karting Hours • Friday only: 1900 hours to 2300 hours

All participants are required to arrive 30 minutes before the actual race time for preparation. During this time, we will check in all participants, give the safety briefing and get assistance with choosing the correct helmets. If the group or individual participants running late, participants will miss out, no refunds can be given.

Outfit Recommendations

Wear comfortable clothing that you can feasibly sit and stretch in - nothing too loose, just simple jeans and a T-shirt will do. Sports shoes are the best footwear for racing in - you won't be allowed to race in anything with an open toe or heels.

Poor weather plan

Tracks will operate in all weather conditions, but will (temporary) cease the activity in case of thunderstorms. When the weather is too severe to run the go-kart activity, we might decide to cancel your booking. In that case, we will reschedule the booking. No refunds will be given.

Safety notices

Go-Kart Rules & Regulations
• GREEN - End of restriction.
• YELLOW - Great danger, be prepared to stop. No passing.
• RED - All competitors must stop the race immediately, and proceed to the pits.
• CHECKERED FLAG - End of race.

Where we will meet

Sepang International Circuit, 27, Sepang, Selangor, Malaysia

How to get there

Standard price
RM 300.00 /Pax
Booking details
Series 1 Karts -Adults
Series 2 Karts-Adults
Series 3 Karts-Adults
Total MYR 0.00
Price including
Practice & Qualifying - 15 minutes
Endurance Race - 60 minutes
Race Management
Timekeeping & Marshals
How to get there