Burps at Burbs

Selangor, Malaysia

3 hours
1 - 4 travelers
Booking notice
1 day
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RM 180.00

I speak English, Malay

This is a curated Malaysian food 101 experience. Off the beaten tourists path, and under your Google search radar. No throng of busses, no selfie sticks, only locals going about their day to day activities.

You will get to indulge in some of our must-try of Malaysians dishes. (Read; don't leave Malaysia without tasting these). I will take you to some of the best vendors that even locals will flock to so you can eat the way the locals eat!

There may be more dish variations if it's a larger group, as you get to share without feeling full too fast. To date, only one guest holds the All Finisher title, you are welcomed to try and seize the title!

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Prepare your tummies, we're off on our food tour!

Expect about 5 types of main dishes, 2 cold desserts and 1 hot dessert for a solo traveller.

I am more than willing to help you tick off some of the items in your food bucket list or simply fulfilling your cravings, like trying out durian, eating Korean food, or hunting for sambal and souvenirs.

You name it, let's do it!

Travel notes

Arrange your own transportation. Wear baggy tops preferably at the tummy area & stretchable/adjustable pants, (read: drawstring!) Shoes with wheels are highly recommended to carry additional weight.

Where we will meet

LRT SS15, Ss 17, Subang Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia

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RM 180.00 /Pax
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Meals - At chosen vendors and restaurants
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