Hidden Village in Pulau Ketam

Selangor, Malaysia

04 hours 15 minutes
10 - 20 travelers
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RM 120.00

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Sungai Lima is a Chinese Fishing Village which located at the the northeastern side of Pulau Ketam, Klang, has a latitude and longitude of 3.03"93N, 101.27"91'E, north to the Malacca Strait, south to Pulau Ketam Village, east to the river port, west to the mangrove forest, and the fishing village has a long and narrow shape from north to south, about 1.5 kilometers in length. The geographical location is surrounded by mangroves, so it is isolated from the world and is not affected by the colonial period, retaining many traditional customs and cultures.

In this trip we will able to understanding the history and culture here, meanwhile have the chance to recognize the main local industry “dry shrimp” and secondary industries such as ”belacan“ and ”jellyfish“. Other than walking in the village, we will also visit the fish farm on the sea, and going watching the wild eagle fly on the sky and small rd crab walk on the beach.

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11:00 AM

Reach Jetty Sungai Lima


Sungai Lima is composed by Native Hokkien Tong'an, in this 15 minutes, we will understand the name of Sungai Lima "Fifth River", watch the unique Net used by fisherman and traditional boat used by fisherman in Sungai Lima.

11:15 AM

Visit Shrimps Paste Factory


The only left Shrimps Paste production in Sungai Lima

11:30 AM

Visit Boat Manufacture


The most youngest fisherman in Sungai Lima is 44 years old, therefore no more new boat will be created. The master used the previous shipbuilding craftsmanship to make model ships, allowing the Sungai Lima fishing boats able to continue their lives in different way.

11:45 AM

Visit Shrimps Process

12:00 PM


01:00 PM

Tong'An Friendship Society


The tallest Building in Sungai Lima. At this point, we able to understand the history of the TongAn and the function of this society. Meanwhile, we able to enjoy the village view in this buildings.

01:15 PM

Chen Long Temple


The oldest Chinese Temple in Sungai Lima.

01:30 PM

Visit Liu Family Brown Sugar Bakery


The brown sugar touch cake was originally created by the sages of Fujian Tongan. It is a kind of enjoyment with the Nanyang coffee. Ms. Ng began to inherit the craftsmanship of her mother in Law in 2009, and with her own creativity, she created a representative of Sungai Lima and Tong'An native's unique pastry "Black sugar cake" 黑糖碰糕.

02:00 PM

Visit Fish Farm

02:30 PM

Watch Eagle

02:45 PM

Step on Black Sand Beach

03:15 PM

Jetty Pulau Ketam and Back to Pelabuhan Klang

Travel notes

1. Price of a return trip for Alibaba Ferry Services is RM 18 per adult, RM 10 per child. This is not included in the price and you must purchase tickets on your own.

2. Visit Time period recommend during Lunar Calendar 12th- 17th and 28th - 3th

Outfit Recommendations

Casual t-shirts, sun cap, any shoes you are comfortable in.

Poor weather plan

Bring along your umbrella or raincoat in case of rain. In this situation, we provide a mixture of activities that get the vibe going.

Where we will meet

South Port Passenger Terminal, Terminal Penumpang South Port, Jalan Syahbanda, Pelabuhan Selatan, Port Klang, Selangor, Malaysia

How to get there

Standard price
RM 120.00 /Pax
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Transportation Fee in Sungai Lima Area - Boat services from Sungai Lima to Fish Farm, Eagle View and Black Sand Beach
Entrance Fee in Sungai Lima Area - Fish Farm Entrance Fee
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Transportation Fee to Sungai Lima - Boat Ticket from South Port to Sungai Lima
How to get there

By Taking Ktm train to "Pelabuhan station", exist to the train station, go straight for 0.5 minute, turn to the right, then you will saw the Building with the word "Penumpang South Port”