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Yock Song
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We give you a glimpse of the simple man that Mr. Lee Kuan Yew really was and how he chose to lead his life.

Mr Lee is known as one of the founding fathers of Singapore, and its iconic figure. But who was he really? Our journey takes you through Mr. Lee’s early years, his family life and the beautiful love between Mr. and Mrs. Lee. While he had a fondness for food, he also had healthy habits. We also uncover his frugal ways and his vociferous appetite for learning.

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09:00 AM

Take a journey with Mr Lee


Learn about the Civilian War Memorial and its impact on Mr. Lee. Have a taste of his favourite dessert at his favourite restaurant.

Drive pass Oxley Road, and learn about Mr. Lee’s education. Uncover Mr. and Mrs. Lee’s touching love story, how they met and how their relationship blossomed with mutual love and respect.

Next we go to Tanjong Pagar, the constituency Mr. Lee choose as his home base from 1955 and where he continued to serve his residents for nearly 60 years. You'll be interested to know that he was fond of Peranakan food like mee siam and gado gado.

01:00 PM

End & bye at the steps of National Gallery (Single hotel drop off available)


We end at the steps of National Gallery, in front of the Padang. Here we will uncover his identity as a politician, along with his daring and controversy approach to bring Singapore onto Global level.

Travel notes

This tour is great if you are interested in getting to know the life of public figure Mr. Lee, and understand the man that is Lee Kuan Yew.

Where we will meet

North Bridge Road, Raffles City Shopping Centre, Singapore

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Standard price
RM 1,280.40 /Pax
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How to get there

Raffles City, Level 1, outside Starbucks (or hotel pick up & drop off available)