Museum Tour with the Curator

Perak, Malaysia

1 hour
1 - 15 travelers
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22 Hale Street
I speak English, Mandarin

Take on a educational trip down the history of Ipoh. Get to know about the rise and fall of the tin-mining industry and the stories of the forefathers of Ipoh. Discover the mysterious Peranakan culture as we travel through myth and time. Lastly, roam the streets of Ipoh old town during the rock-and-roll era of Malaya!

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Tour 22 Hale Street with the Curator

1. Story of 22 Hale Street - Learn about the history and painstaking restoration process behind 2 pre-war shop-houses which make up 22 Hale Street.

2.Tycoons' Room - Learn about the rise and fall of the tin-mining industry in Malaya. Immerse in the stories of tin miners from China who made Ipoh their home.

3. Peranakan Room - Travel through myth and time and learn about the unique Peranakan culture of Malaysia.

4. Ipoh Old Town - Walk down the streets of Ipoh Old Town at Malaya's rock-and-roll era.

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22 Hale Street,22, Jalan Tun Sambanthan,30000,Ipoh,Perak,Malaysia

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