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Learn how to play the Kalimba

Penang, Malaysia

2 hours
1 - 6 travelers
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5 days
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RM 216.00

I speak English, Mandarin, Malay

Ever heard of the Kalimba? This traditional, yet rare, African musical instrument simply delivers the most calming and gorgeous melodies with just the use of both your thumbs.

This experience will be held live online, I will cover recognising the notes and keys of the Kalimba, tuning, basic music theory, reading kalimba tabs and musical notations, techniques and finally playing songs. This online workshop will provide you with sufficient basic skills to continue on your musical journey. Prior musical background is not needed as it is simple and easy to learn for anyone and everyone.

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What we will do

The class will start by choosing your Kalimba of choice. Then, we will continue on with learning the notes on the Kalimba and learning how to tune. In the end, you will have learned 4 songs and understand how to read the music sheets.

I will tune every Kalimba before it ships to your address. You can collect it within 1-2 days if your shipping address is within Penang, and it takes 3-5 days to ship outside from Penang.

Please do not cut your nails prior to the class as the Kalimba requires you to have nails to play. Please download these following apps prior to the class as well, they are tuning apps whose usage will be taught in class.
Apple/iOS = Instuner & Soundbrenner
Andriod = Gstring & Soundbrenner

Travel notes

1. Guests will need internet access for this experience.
2. We will meet online in a video call. You will receive a custom link after your booking is confirmed.
3. Remember to send your shipping address to by including your booking ID.
4. Download 1) The Metronome by Soundbrenner 2) gStrings (android) 3) insTuner (apple) onto your smartphone before the workshop. Also, make sure you keep about 1-2mm of nails on your thumb for better playing experience.
5. You will be given free access to my private Kalimba FB group where I will upload videos of my Kalimba recordings and share music sheets so you can continue learning & playing after the workshop.

Where we will meet

Jelutong, Penang, Malaysia

How to get there

Standard price
RM 216.00 /Pax
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Standard (Exclude Kalimba)
Standard (Include Kalimba)
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Price including
Kalimba - A Kalimba will be provided if you choose Standard (Include Kalimba)
Teaching materials - Music sheets
How to get there

We will meet online in a video call. You will receive a custom link after your booking is confirmed.