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Old Kuala Lumpur: East-West Connection

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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Stevie | Marie | Shah | Jane
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Join one of our tourist guides on the Old Kuala Lumpur: East-West Connection virtual tour. This is perfect for first timers to the city, students or for the curious who wish to get a better insight into the beginnings of this culturally-diverse city.

The tour takes you to the most historical and oldest areas of the city close to the confluence of two rivers, namely the colonial and asian quarters.

Your guide will regale you with stories about how these areas took shape, its inhabitants and the architecture of the area. You’ll be able to get first-hand, close-up look at some hidden treasures of this very special part of the city.

Enjoy an easy-to-understand introduction into the city's colourful history from its beginnings in the mid-19th century right up to its Independence. Trace the evolution of Kuala Lumpur via its architecture and stories about the local neighbourhoods and their inhabitants and their trade and beliefs.

During the virtual tour, you will hear fun tales about the people who contributed to the growth of the city; tales of sultans, chinese kapitans and colonial times. The backstreet murals are an added attraction, among the 30 other attractions to enjoy.

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Join one of our guides on the Old Kuala Lumpur: East-West Connection virtual tour

Listen to tales of sultans, Chinese Kapitans, and colonial times in an interactive Virtual 360° Tour around old Kuala Lumpur.

Watch old Kuala Lumpur come to life virtually with Jane Rai, or one of our tourist guides. Old Kuala Lumpur: East-West Connection uncover the secrets surrounding the city's oldest area by the riverbank, its historic attractions, community legacies and untold stories.

This exclusive Virtual Tour by Kuala Lumpur Heritage Walks and LokaLocal gives you a glimpse of 160 years of history in 90 minutes. See over 30 attractions, compare them with photos of bygone Kuala Lumpur, watch videos, and listen to stories of the city's colonial & asian influences.

Before the Tour

This virtual tour is hosted online. You will receive a link, username and password when you book.

Before joining the tour, please make sure you have a steady internet connection. Once you have booked, you will receive a link to the virtual tour, username and password.

Once you log in, you would see a button called "Start Session" at the top, which you can click to be connected to your local expert. We suggest logging in 10 minutes before the start of your slot.

Travel notes

1. Guests must have stable internet access for this experience
2. If you don't see a time available that works for you, please ask!
3. Once you have booked, you will receive a link, username and password to enter the virtual 360 tour. Please arrive 10 minutes before your time slot.

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Kuala Lumpur, Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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★★★★★ 4.5

4 Reviews
  • Zamilla
    Reviewed in February 2021

    My teenage boys and I had our first virtual 360º tour experience with Lokalocal. We enjoyed the effortless tour led by Stevie and Jane. They were lively and fun.

    We were overjoyed to see breath taking aerial views of the cityfamiliar to us. In the past, we did many joy rides at this area in Kuala Lumpur’s only double-deck tour bus. Only, this time we were enjoying the views and stories on the city’s old buildings, historical streets and attractive murals from our home.

    We loved the spectacular images of each attraction featured in the East-West Connection tour, combined with videos and photos of bygone KL. We learned so much about our city’s past and present history that we knew little of. The guides kept us engaged with quizand answered all questions my boys had to complete their schoolwork on local history.

    A highly recommend tour for family. It is affordable. We fell more in love with the city made possible with the use of virtual reality technology and good storytelling.

  • Bala Pathbanathan
    Reviewed in February 2021

    Guide Jane is who i call a 'walking encyclopedia'. She seems to know loads of historic information about the colonial regime in Malaya which is further supplemented by a rare archival collection of black and white pictures. I like the 'before' and 'after' comparison of how the landmarks looked in the past and present. The added video footages complement the tour and I think this tour would be great for students who wish to embark on a learning journey.

  • Amalina
    Reviewed in January 2021

    On December 19th, I went on the Old Kuala Lumpur: East-West Connection virtual tour while at home during the lockdown! Not knowing what to expect from a virtual tour, Imust say, overall it a wonderful experience to see how a physical walking tour looked in virtual form. My curiosity was satisfied!

    I was pleasantly surprised when the tour began to open to a striking 360º aerial view of an area in the old part of the city, where friends and I go for street photography (my hobby). The aerial view of the tour site was spectacular. I got to see,in full view; streets and hundreds of buildings of all shape and colours, clustered within green hills come close to mycomputer screen. The aerial and 360º view of the area near the muddy rivers gave me a sense of the space and beauty of my city. I began to appreciate the old and new.

    I was late in joining the session! But a cheery guide welcomed and introduced me to the other guest. After a short witty introduction on the tour and places to explore, Jane Rai was set to show the tour highlights and attractions virtually!

    While leading through streets, lined with pre-war rows of shophouses, we paused to check specific details. I marvel the street views and artistic murals. At each point, Jane told fascinating stories on notable buildings. I have photographed some of these building but never knew much information or stories. She made me fall in love with the architecture and stories of important people who, once, lived in the area including the ‘King of Shoe’ of the 1950s.

    One of the many memorable parts of the tour was entering the old Chinese Taoist temple, hidden between tall buildings. A temple I never visited before although I live in Kuala Lumpur. I got to see the inside and outside spaces, the courtyard, and ceiling via the 360º images. Every image was sharp and clear. I could see the details of many fixtures including a large antique table, spirit tablets, statues, engravings on wood panel, and prayer paraphernalia. It was good to know that Malaysians respect the Chinese Kapitans, whose photos are at a dedicated section of this active temple.

    At the end of the virtual tour the guide allowed us to browse or enable us to move freely through the virtual space. I could go back and forth to see details of back lanes. I found the visible arrow icon useful. I could quickly swipe through to see a wide variety of views within the space and in a real short time too. I took the chance to virtually explore the nooks and crannies of grand colonial buildings, its arches and bricks included the graceful masjid at the spit of two rivers.

    Thank you Jane for integrating old maps, photos and videos in this virtual tour. It complemented your powerful story telling. This tour is highly recommended if you are seeking detail insights into KL’s history. The tour details and story telling were amazing.

    Anyone wanting to experience this tour must have good Internet connect, preferably a laptop, a good microphone/earphone for conversations. Do fix a good drink and be seated comfortably. Your guide will allow you to make a quick pit-stop at your home off course!

    It was an enjoyable virtual tour I ever experienced and an overwhelming experience to acknowledge how amazing the city is developing. This tour makes me feel more in love with the city and opened up different perspectives on how I view this part of the city.

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We will meet online in a virtual tour live guided session. You will receive the link, username and password after your booking is confirmed. Please ensure that you have strong and stable internet connection.