Galleries Crawling

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

4 hours
1 - 8 travelers
Booking notice
4 days
Standard price
RM 348.00

Kenneth Wong
I speak English, Mandarin

This is the 5th curation of People Ideas Culture, as a local social enterprise. Riding on the pub crawl spirit, this marathon of galleries in town will last for 4 hours (3 galleries in half day). The traveler could opt for going to the identified galleries prior booking, and I will be the guide or assistant to contact the galleries runner for special tour for the exhibition (subject their availability). Other options would be, the traveler can communicate with me what kind of galleries that one prefer, be it commercial, high end, community, independent, day or night, artist studio or craft center. I will serve at my best in explaining the artworks or the exhibition curation concept based on my 1 year curator experience. This tour is for the armature art collector or purely out of curiosity in learning the ecosystem of the art scenes in Klang Valley. The fees charge here is excluding the transportation, and I will leave it to the traveler to decide whether using local taxi/uber/grab/limousine and it's fully born by the traveler oneself.

Main activities:

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KL Galleries Crawl

The tour could start at any convenient time at travelers' availability. Do mind that most galleries closed on Mon and operate from 11 a.m. till 5 p.m. Yet, some of the opening of the exhibition fall onto evening. Subject to your aspiration, we could run around various scale of galleries, be it national funded, private own or independent art space. This will safe your hustle in matching the opening hour and catching the latest hip of the exhibition or art direction locally. The artist' talk and workshop mostly happen during the weekend. Hence, one just need to book the date and the time (4 hours) and I will work out the itinerary accordingly to satisfy your thirst on local scene. Of course, the gallery owner special guide and visiting artist studio need to plan far ahead. Other than that, I guarantee, one will have a quick glimpse on the vibrancy of the local art and craft scenes in town. We can stop over for coffee or tea in between but that will count under 4 hours provision unless special treat after negotiation.

Outfit Recommendations

decent for the occassions

Poor weather plan

Kindly bring umbrella, in case.

Safety notices

In case of any car accident during the 4 hours travel, it is not the responsibility of the guide (me).

Where we will meet

Bangsar LRT ( Old Town White Coffee) Jalan Bangsar Bangsar Utama Kuala Lumpur Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

How to get there

Standard price
RM 348.00 /Pax
Booking details
Total MYR 0.00
Price including
One welcoming drinks/ stop over coffee/ tea
Price excluding
prolong the trip after 4 hours - subject negotiation
How to get there

Bangsar LRT stop is a stop away from KL Sentral. If it's preferable start from the hotel lobby, additional RM20 will be added (hand in when met).