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A day in Yong Peng

Johor, Malaysia
7.5 hours
1 - 8 travelers
Booking notice
3 days
Standard price
MYR 232.00/Pax
Richard &. T. I speak English, Mandarin
Yong Peng is a small town located in the central region of Johor, it's 2 hour drive from Kuala Lumpur / Singapore. This town has a population of 50,000. In the early days, it's mainly occupied by Hock Chew (Fuzhou) Chinese. Hence, the name of "Little HockChew". Yong Peng is famous for their local delicacies, including traditional HockChew Noodle, Sai Dou Fish Noodle, Hong Cao Chicken (Fermented Red Rice Wine Chicken) , Hock Chew Egg Soup & Hock Chew Style Bread, etc.

Hence, with places of interest here, Yong Peng marks the best town in Johor to unwind and leave all the trouble behind.


  • Day 1
  • 10:30 AM Meet at meeting point Taiwan City Yong Peng Yong
  • 10:45 AM Visit Bee Farm
  • 11:30 AM Hock Chew Noodle making factory and Eng Hin Bakery (Hock Chew style bread)
  • 12:00 PM Lunch ( Local Cuisine or Local Food )
  • 01:00 PM Visit Wansern Organic Farm and Home of Swiftlets
    Visit organic vegetable garden and get to know the differences between organic plantation and non-organic plantation. Visit to swiftlets’ home and get closer to their habitat and behaviors. Production department is opened to visitors so that visitors can visualize the whole process system.

    Their specialty technology adopted in the farm is soil cooling system that helps to keep control of the soil temperature. This raises the yield of crops with high quality. On top of that, healthy root can improve the capacity of holding water and nutrients.
  • 02:00 PM Tian Pao Kong Temple
  • 02:30 PM Tea Time at Local Cafeteria
  • 03:30 PM Visit Che Ann Khor Fortune Dragon
    The fortune dragon is beautifully crafted with colourful tiles. Measuring 107m long, currently the longest fortune dragon in Southeast Asia.
  • 05:00 PM Dinner Time
  • 06:00 PM End of tour and head back sweet home
Rural Escape , Cultural Heritage , City Highlights
Transportation during tour
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Flexible plan , Children friendly
Standard price
MYR 232.00 /Pax
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