What’s Unique About Sabah

abah has some of the most captivating natural beauty in Malaysia, spanning picturesque beaches, ancient rainforests and diverse cultures. It is nicknamed ‘Land Below the Wind’, as it is located south of the typhoon-prone region of East Asia.
Many come to Sabah in hopes of conquering the tallest mountain in Malaysia. Others harbouring a love for nature and wildlife would be greatly rewarded in Sabah, as the scenery changes depending as you travel across the state. It is also home to over 30 indigenous groups.

Quick Facts
  • 4.28°C
    Kota Kinabalu International Airport
  • Kota Kinabalu
Food to Eat
  • ● Ngiu Chap Beef Noodles
  • ● Seafood
  • ● Hinava
  • ● April: Regatta Lepa
  • ● May: Pesta Kaamatan
  • ● May: Sabah Festival
Your Guide To Sabah
First Timer's Guide To Sabah, Malaysia

As one of the most favourite spots amongst visitors in Malaysia, Sabah is home to incredibly delicious street food, interesting historical sites, vibrant art scene and more. Find out more about what you must do, see and eat when in Sabah!


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Best Things to Do in Sabah
01. Climb Mount Kinabalu

Climbing the tallest peak in Malaysia is not for the faint of heart, and a thrill if you are up for it! It takes two days to complete, and you will need to book in advance. Once you reach the summit, the crisp air will greet you, along with the satisfaction of being able to say you did it.

02. See the Orangutans of Sepilok

Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre is the best place to watch orangutans in their natural habitat. Dedicated to rehabilitating orphan orangutans, you would want to see the feeding session that takes place twice a day. Not too far from here is the Sun Bear Conservation Centre, and Labuk Bay Proboscis Monkey Sanctuary.

03. Enjoy A Different Kind Of City Life At Kota Kinabalu

The capital city of Kota Kinabalu is worth a visit on its own. There are eateries along Gaya Street that have been there for generations. The Filipino Market and Handicraft Market are neat spots to pick up local trinkets. For scenic sunset views, we recommend either the waterfront, Signal Hill or Tanjung Aru.

04. Go Island Hopping

The islands of Sabah are as beautiful as they are famous. Just a boat ride away from Kota Kinabalu, having fun at Manukan and Sapi takes only a day. Tun Sakaran Marine Park in Tawau is also called the Maldives of Asia. Diving enthusiasts can expect to see shipwrecks and sealife at Mantanani Island, or at the limestone beauty of Sipadan Island.

05. Visit Tuaran

Tuaran is a district at the northwestern part of the state. Tuaran town is best visited on Sunday morning when the open-air market called tamu takes place, gathering sellers from surrounding villages. Adventure buffs can also make their way to Kiulu Valley to hike, cycle, go white water rafting and more.

06. Observe The Bajau Sea Gypsy Community

The legendary Bajau Laut are sea nomads and one of the most eye-opening communities in Sabah. They are accomplished divers who have evolved for such as lifestyle, making them masters of the sea. The islands you can find them in are at Mabul, Mantabuan, Selakan, Sibuan, Bohey Dulang and Maiga.

07. Enjoy The Cooling Air At Kundasang

Kundasang is the little New Zealand of Sabah. Rolling greenery frame the valley, with Mount Kinabalu as the crown jewel. The air is cool and crisp, making it suitable for planting vegetables. Many head to Desa Dairy Farm for their milk ice cream, others rent an ATV to ride around Kundasang.

08. See The Tip Of Borneo

Also known as Tanjung Simpang Mengayau, the Tip of Borneo is a dramatic and rugged headland at the edge of Kudat, overlooking the South China Sea and Sulu Seas. It is quite a sight during both sunrise and sunset, and you can take in the sea breeze as waves crash against the shore.

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