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From morse code and the telegraph to the digital revolution of the 20th century, Muzium Telekom contains artefacts and archives that bring Malaysia's telecommunication history to life. Built in 1928 as a manual telephone exchange, it was then turned into a mechanical telephone exchange office in 1938. It was commissioned to be demolished in 1984, but was saved in time by former prime minister Tun Mahathir, who proposed the building be conserved as a historic landmark. With its original Neoclassical Greek architectural design, the building is gazetted as a Heritage Building.

There are three floors within the building, and adopts an interactive approach that keeps the experience as fun as possible. There are four galleries within Muzium Telekom: Early Communication, The Birth of Telecommunications, The Era of Telecommunications and MomenTM Gallery. They capture the beginnings of communication in prehistoric times and throughout human history, all the way to the incredible digital evolution of today.

Muzium Telekom also opens out to a spacious courtyard, and contains several event spaces that are used to host artistic and cultural activities.

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