Secrets of Sabak Bernam

Selangor, Malaysia

8 hours
3 - 6 travelers
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Amira Rasyidah
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Discover the cultural and traditional attractions of Sabak Bernam, and step into the local village scene.

Sabah Bernam is northwestern Selangor's agricultural district, surrounded by coconut plantations and oil palm plantations. Located at the Perak-Selangor border, Sabak Bernam once belonged to Perak state, but it was handed back to Selangor.

Learn the art of bird luring, which is a traditional hobby practiced by villagefolk in Sabak Bernam. After setting a specialised trap, you can enjoy the pace of village life while waiting for an unsuspecting bird to fly by. Watch how the machete and its wooden sheath are made and carved. Afterwards, you can experience kite-flying at a beach or a vast field!

Along the way, there will be many scenic spots to catch a glimpse of village life. For lunch, you can enjoy a hearty spread of traditional Malay delicacies.

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One Day in Sabak Bernam

Welcome to Sabak Bernam! Some of the activities you can enjoy here include:
‎▶ Learn the art of bird luring from a village hobbyist
‎▶ See how the machete and woodcarving is traditionally done
‎▶ Have a hearty Malay lunch at a traditional local restaurant
‎▶ Kite flying at a beach or lush field

Art of Bird Luring

The art of bird luring is a popular hobby among the villagefolk for over 100 years. Watch how the trap is constructed and set. We'll have a rest here while learning about the art from a local hobbyist. If you are in luck, you may be able to see how the bait lures other unsuspecting birds!

Kite Flying

This traditional pastime is fun to experience in the kampung! We will head to either a breezy seaside or at a lush field to let your kite soar. After relaxing and enjoying the village life, it's time to return back to your meeting point.

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Wear comfortable clothes and shoes.

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KFC Sekinchan, Jalan Indah 7, Taman Indah, Sekinchan, Selangor, Malaysia

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