Be a local at Parit Jawa

Johor, Malaysia

06 hours
2 - 6 travelers
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Kai Tak & Terry Toh
I speak English, Malay, Mandarin

Muar is a cultural town. Some called it "The Lion King Town". In 2012, Sultan Ismail declares Bandar Maharani Muar as a Royal Town of Johor. Wanna know the best of Muar and live like a local, savour the local favourite food?

Head into the bustling town to find out their history and culture, also their delicious local food. I will bring you around places where you'll never be able to discover if you travel on your own.

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01:00 PM

Meet at meeting point

01:15 PM

Lunch at Jalan Haji Abu (namely "esurient street")

02:30 PM

Enjoy the fishing village life around Parit Jawa


Located 15 kilometers from the center of Muar city, Parit Jawa fishing village is laid back village that is located on the Strait of Malacca. This unique tour firstly gives you insider access to fish bidding market.

You will go to fishing village. Walking around Parit Jawa and experience local daily life. You can admire the view of shore fishing boats from the entrance of the village. As you continue to move forward to the shore and you can see the long haikou, the endless sea and sea line that will appear in front of your eyes.

03:30 PM

Visit the migratory birds


Due to the ecological environment of the place, Parit Jawa, attracts a large number of migratory birds every year, including egrets, geese, swallow and other species of migratory birds. These birds seem to love low tide, for it is when they are able to find food in the swamp. Don't miss to snatch some photos of these birds soaring in the sky, it would really be worth capturing.

04:30 PM

Meet traditional boat builder of Muar


Boat building is a dying industry. Parit Jawa is well known for its artisanal skills in boat making for centuries, all boats are supplied locally and to Singapore. Each boat can cost up to million, come and understand the traditional boat building material and fundamental construction.

06:00 PM



The village is surrounded by many wooden fishing boats that goes out to the sea and return with seafood that are served on your dining table. Hence, in a trip to Parit Jawa where is famous for it's delicious asam pedas and fresh seafood, will be incomplete without a seafood feast.

07:00 PM

Back to Muar, free and easy

Travel notes

Let me if u have food allergic or come in a large group. I'll arrange accordingly to your need.

Outfit Recommendations

Wear light clothing, acceptable decent attire, comfortable walking shoes, a cap/hat and sun glass.

Poor weather plan

Be a lookout on the weather as and when it rains, you may need an umbrella or a raincoat.

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Jalan Haji Abu Muar Johor Malaysia

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