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Built in 1885, Istana Jahar is a former palace that was used as the royal residence of Raja Bendahara Long Kundur, the grandson of Sultan Muhammad II. Named after the jahar tree which grew on the grounds at the time, it is one of Kota Bharu’s most well-preserved and beautiful traditional buildings, featuring exquisite woodcarvings and tropical hardwood structures. Today, Istana Jahar has houses the Museum of Royal Traditions and Customs of Kelantan, where visitors can learn about Kelantan’s royal traditions and customs. There are exhibition areas which detail different aspects of the elaborate royal rituals, from child birth to coming-of-age circumcision, wedding sites, art, eating, bathing, and funeral rites. Some of these exhibitions include the Malay Weapon Gallery, Handicraft Village and Craft Museum, and The Royal Platform.

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