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Tucked in Taiping town, the Telegraph Museum is the first telegraph museum in Southeast Asia. It was the first Post & Telegraph (P&T) Department building to provide all transaction of telegrams, telephones, postal services and banking facilities for the public in 18th Century British Colonial Era. Once located at the end of the first railway line in Malaya between Taiping to Port Weld, it curates the fascinating story of telcommunications in Malaysia from its beginnings in 1870s, with rudimentary telegraph and telephone lines, through to mobile phones and internet technology. It is also the precursor to Telekom Malaysia Berhad.

Constructed by the then Public Works Department Perak Government under the administration of British Resident, Sir Hugh Low, it is one of the earliest colonial building that used the conventional technology of mortar and lime wash techniques. The Telegraph Building represented Queen Anne Architectural style in 1880s - 1890s. Most notably, it has the brick Masonry Arches, and Scaly Pillars along the side. The construction works were commenced in 1883, and completed in 1885 with the total cost of 4,070 Straits Dollar.

The first thing you would notice upon arrival is the museum courtyard, which is surrounded by trees related to the telegraph technology at the time, along with an old bridge and train. There are two floors in the museum, with a wealth of artefacts and displays related to the telecommunications history in Malaysia.

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