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The Kampung Hulu Mosque is the oldest functioning mosque in Malaysia. It was commissioned by the Dutch in 1728, and built by Shamsudin Harun, a lieutenant of Chinese Muslim descent appointed in Melaka. The original site of the mosque was a fishing village populated by Malay Muslims, close to the vibrant Melaka River. During its construction back in the 18th century, domes and minarets had not come into fashion, hence the mosque consists of predominantly Javanese architecture. It was also the first mosque to be completely constructed with stone. There are plenty of Chinese architectural influences in Kampung Hulu Mosque, such as its pyramidal multi-tiered roof which resembles a pagoda, Chinese archway, motif carvings, and ceramic tiles from the Ching Dynasty era. This is said to depict the harmonious interaction of art and assimilation within the community. Within the mosque, there is an ablution pool, prayer hall and four main pillars supporting the roof. In 2005, it was declared the mosque as a Malay classical mosque with tiered roof or meru roof or tiga tangkup.

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